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I signed up for PPP!

February 24th, 2008 Comments off

Just as when I was worried about switching jobs and a possible stalling of income, I discovered payperpost. It’s something I never thought possible until now, to be paid to sit and blog about things I like to blog about.

I had heard about other bloggers who went pro-blogging in 2005, and that there were a few who actually quit their regular jobs to do nothing but write in their blogs. There was one who wrote that he had bought a new car from his earnings, another who quit being a lawyer because lawyering did not pay as much as pro-blogging. I really never went into the nitty-gritty of the business, since my family had just moved back to Manila and I was busy with the changing dynamics of the job I had at the time.

Now I have learned firsthand that it is possible to earn money without leaving the comfort of my home, just by sitting in front of my computer doing two things I very much like doing, surfing the Internet and writing about what I find.

It may be too good to be true, but as far as I understand I don’t have to blog about things that I don’t really know anything about. I’ve also read that PayPerPost has been getting a bit of flak from Google, but I’m for honest work for honest pay. PayPerPost allows me to do that.