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PITIK: My studies in Street Photography

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I *heart* Film Photograpy

March 19th, 2011 Comments off

I love film photography, and I share Rasmus Rasmussen‘s top 5 reasons for loving it:

1. No Chimping

By not being able to check every picture, immediately after shooting it, you can focus on what you are about to photograph, rather than what you just shot. Less chimping means a sharper mind, and keeping a sharper mind will make for better images. Plus, if you chimp too much around actual living subjects, chances are they’ll lose patience and get tired or annoyed.

2. Frame Limit

Because you only have relatively few frames per roll of film, people tend to concentrate more on getting the shot. This is in sharp contrast to the digital mentality of clicking away and trying to sort through the results later. If you only have a limited number of shots, you’ll want each one to be as good, as it can possibly be.

3. Random Elements

This is especially true for those of us who enjoy playing with Holgas, Polaroids, box and toy cameras. With these, there’s always a chance that something strange and wonderful will happen to your picture, such as light leaks, vignetting, colors that are slightly off and so on. Very often, these random elements will add beauty and uniqueness to the final result.

4. True Black and White

It’s easy enough to desaturate a digital photo in post processing, but it’s really not comparable to shooting in black and white. I love film grain in B/W photos, but if it’s digitally added, it just doesn’t look right. But more importantly, if you know you are shooting in black and white, you can keep it in mind when composing your shot, to get the most out of any contrasts and shapes in the frame. Something that’s easy to forget if you’re shooting a digital color photo, which you may or may not convert later.

5. The Romantic Factor

Have you ever heard the sound a Hasselblad makes, when its curtain shutter goes off? It’s a wonderful, thick sound. How about the feel of a metal lever against your thumb, as you manually forward the film in an oldschool rangefinder camera? The slight resistance as it advances to the next frame. Ever had that doubt, that you might have positioned the number in the little red window a little too far to the right? These are all romantic reasons for loving film photography, and I am a sucker for them. There’s just something magical about these mechanical devices.

So there you have it. I’m sure there are more reasons to love film photography, just as there are reasons to love digital. This is just my personal top 5 list. Yours might look different, but you’ll only know if you pick up a camera and get to work.

Click on the links below to view my film Photo Albums on Facebook:

Canonet Album:
Photos taken with a 1969 produced (by Canon Japan), CANONET QL17 35mm Rangefinder.

Monochrome World:
My adventures in black and white film photography.
1972 MINOLTA Hi-MATIC F with Rokkor 38mm f/2.7 lens | Lucky (Black and White Print Film) ISO100

Mga Kuha ni Kala:
Shots taken with a compact view finder film camera, Minolta FREEDOM Zoom 125. Her name Kala is the brevity for the filipino word Kalayaan, or Freedom in English.

Oly 4 U:
Moments, events, things and people…captured by Oly. Oly is my little Olympus µ[mju:]-II ZOOM 80. A compact viewfinder film camera, with a fixed 35 mm f/2.8 lens and an active AF system.

LOTA’s Weltanschauung:
My adventures in film photography using a vintage compact rangefinder, 1972 MINOLTA Hi-MATIC F with Rokkor 38mm f/2.7 coated lens. Meet my little friend, LOTA!

My Happy Adventures with FE:
This album is my happy experience of capturing moments and images with an old Nikon FE with 55mm f/2.8 micro-Nikkor lens.

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When Good Guys fight

March 14th, 2010 Comments off

After a 12 round “boring” fight, Manny Pacquiao emerged winner by unanimous decision over Ghanian Joshua Clottey. It was a boring fight as Clottey obviously fought a scared fight from start to finish as he kept covering himself with his two hands. After taking all the flurry of Pacman’s punches, Clottey stood ground and survived the fight. Clottey can now put a tattoo which says, “Thank God, I survived the ring with Manny Pacquiao!”

It was not a fight most pinoys would enjoy, there were no gore and bodies falling down the canvass. It was a gentleman’s match as shown how the two expressed respect and praises with each other since the match contract was sealed. My wife Vikki had best described both fighter’s attitude during the match on her Facebook status message, ” You’re a good guy, Manny, and I think you didn’t KO Clottey because you thought he was a good guy too : ) “

At dun sa mga nabitin sa laban, heto na lang panoorin nyo, wasak na wasak ang videong ito!

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As Weeks Go By

December 7th, 2008 Comments off

My past week have been all but upsetting and depressing. Pangunahin na rito, sa loob ng isang linggo my baby Maia was sick from a Urinary Track Infection (UTI). Her mommy Bambit was away to conduct a two weeks series of IT trainings in Masbate.

Dagdag pang nakakapanlumo at bad trip ang mga balitang: Ang patuloy na pagpapauwi sa ating mga OFWs na natanggal sa kanilang mga trabaho abroad. Ang P*** I*  si Jocjoc Bolante is still free and happy at nakakapagsinungaling pa straightfaced. And, for the fourth time, GMA was once again saved by her lapdogs in Congress from another impeachment complaint. !@#$%^&*!!!+… kung di ka ba naman manlumo.

Ah, but this week is all sunshine and at least a little glimmer of hope. Sunshine, for Maia is now up and about after undergoing anti-biotic treatment and Bambit is now back with us in our home sweet home. At ang konting pag-asa na baka sakali ay swertehin – no winner pa (as of this writing) ang Superlotto (6/49) 127 Million jackpot prize. (update: 144 Million na ang jackpot, no winner for Dec.7 draw)

Topping the happy news for this week and perhaps the following weeks to come, is Manny Pacquiao’s victory. Wala ng hihigit pa for a dose of Pinoy pride than Manny Pacquiao beating the boxing legend, Golden Boy Oscar De la Hoya. Manny deserves our praise – here is a man with the heart of a lion, fought against all odds and had won. Here is a man who had put the Philippines back in the center of the World stage, for a more honorable reason other than that of being the most corrupt country in Asia.

Wala akong paki-alam kung inuna ni Manny na pasalamatan si Chavit Singson o si Gloria o sino mang pulitiko…o si Ara Mina ba kaya, si Mang Karding, maging si Heztas, barabas kahit sino pa man…wala na tayong pakialam…si Manny ang umakyat sa ring at nakipagtagisan ng tapang at lakas, hindi tayo. Karapatan nyang sabihin kahit anong gusto nya dahil panalo nya ito. Ang mahalaga, Manny had once again gave us glory and pride, lasapin natin ito kahit sa sandali. Dahil tiyak bukas, sila Gloria, Chavit, Lito Atienza, naman ang magsasalita – yan na ang pagkakataong magmura tayo!

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Some People

September 19th, 2008 Comments off

As a simple regimen, I do walking in the early morning from our house to what is now left of Nayong Pilipino, and back. It’s a one hour vice versa walk. My morning walk gives me health dividends both mentally and physically. Long walks gives one necessary sweating and aerobic exercise. Taking an early morning walk in a park gives one a distinct experience of peaceful existence. A feeling that makes alive Cat Steven’s song, Morning Has Broken, “Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven. Like the first dewfall, on the first grass…”

But some people have other issues at the start of day.

During my previous routine walks, there’s this human being who likes to run along with the other joggers and walkers of the park, but with this big difference – he rides on a crappy motorbike. This idiot rides his bike like it’s a horse that he’s giving a full running exercise. He puts on a smiling face and has a lighted cigarette hanging from his mouth while driving his motorbike, lacing the joggers-walkers lane with emissions from his bike’s exhaust pipe.

For a while he was gone, good riddance. I thought he might have figured into something that was dangerous to his health.

Just few days ago, while I was on my regular walking exercise, I heard a familiar sound. Then it passed by my side, that S.O.B. with his smiling face, a lighted cigarette hanging from his mouth, and riding on his motorbike…again. The Ghost Rider has returned.

Indeed, some people have issues – even at the start of day.

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Press Button to Start

August 8th, 2008 Comments off

The first time I put my hands on a computer keyboard, I was already introduced to computer games. Computer games then were simplier and less graphical, and played with an MS-DOS. I can still remember then when digger, tetris, prince of persia, etc…became the main reason for us to voluntarily be deprived of sleep. More advanced versions of video games are then found only on video game arcades in the malls.

Now, computer and video games had become more complex and more graphically enhanced, that it had attained an almost realistic feel and appearance. Also, because PCs and other video game machines can now be easily accessed and owned, most kids had already abandoned traditional kiddy games of run-and-play and hide-and-seek, for the more sedentary activity of playing video games.

Kids nowadays are more knowledgeable on computer and video games than their older folks. In fact, it was my stepson, then 11 years old, who taught me how to play counter strike. My little girl Maia, now already adept in using the computer at the age of four, is now starting to learn the basics of Sim City like games.

I have completely freed myself from being nailed in front of the computer playing games. But if you have the newest FIFA video game, that would be another story.

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Happy Feet

July 14th, 2008 Comments off

I agree with the by-word that we are children of our own time. Time progresses and with it new styles, technology, fashion, etc… are introduced. Some of us want to retain the old taste and flavoring we are already familiar with. While many would try to adopt and fit in with what is new. In my experience, these assume manifestations in the way one chooses a pair shoes or footwear.

I have never been a fan, nor appreciated the innovations made on modern shoes, particularly on athletic shoes like basketball shoes. The more the designs innovated. the more it becomes to look like SUVs on feet, than shoes. Amidst the vast choices of shoes with modern designs, I stick to my favorite classic sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith. I am a loyal fan of the Stan Smith sneakers and I believe no sneakers can beat its simplicity in design and the comfort it gives. Adidas Stan Smith is utterly timeless and will still be in style for as long as there are men of good taste.

Next to sneakers, sandals are my second choice of footwear. I started wearing sandals when I was just a kid and since then I get used to this easy to wear and relaxing footwear. In my life I have owned sandals of different make, design and styles. Aside from those quasi-casual leather made sandals, there are also those made of rubber with Velcro straps. The former I used for a casual day walk, while the latter for trekking rugged terrains.

Indeed, I am a child of my time. I still prefer to wear the kind of footwears which I grew up with. They’re comfy and groovy, and makes my feet happy. Like, I would not exchange a pair of rubber Spartan slippers for a pair of Havaianas. No way, Jose.

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