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January 13th, 2015 Comments off

(Para sayo, Bambit Gaerlan, salin ko mula sa kantang Buhi sa Kanunay ni Justino Romea.
Miss na kasi kita)

Mananatiling buhay
at hindi makakalimutan
ang Pag-ibig na nadarama ko
dito sa aking puso

Kahit simangutan
Kahit na laitin
Uusbong at lalaganap
dahil ang pag-ibig na tunay
hindi mamamatay

Paniwalaan mo sana ako
Manalig sa aking pangako
Pag-ibig ko’y hindi malalanta
kahit ilubog pa sa luha
Kung ang puso ko
sa kapalaran ay kitlin
doon sa langit
kita hihintayin.

(November 2014, Cotabato City)

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Mao ra

January 13th, 2015 Comments off

Mao ra
(Para kay Bambit Gaerlan)
(Gihubad ni Criocksz gikan sa ‘Yun lang ni Pete Lacaba)

Tinuoray nga gugma hangtud sa kahangturan
mao ray akong ikahalad
Ug ang akong bugtong kasing-kasing kanimo itugyan
Mao ra, mao ra.

Hagaron ko ikaw og suroy sa adlaw
ania akong kamot nga hawiran inig moulan
ug init sa akong dughan sa mabugnaw nga kagabhion
Mao ra, mao ra.

Daghay saad ang uban
Andam ihatag bisan ang kalibutan
Matam-is nga halok ug parayig
mao ray akong ikahalad
Kung gusto nimong mahibaw-an ang akong pangandoy
simple lang ang akong itubag
basta ingnon lang nimo nga ako, ako lang imong gihigugma
mao ra, mao ra.

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The Little Ones

July 25th, 2014 Comments off

The Little Ones
(Yusuf Islam – Cat Stevens)

Oh they killed all the little ones
While their faces still smiled
With their guns and the fury
They erased their young lives.

No longer to laugh
No longer to be a child
Oh they’ve killed all the little ones
While their faces still smiled.

Now they’re burying the little ones
And they’re making the graves deep
So the world cannot see
That tonight we may sleep.

While they wash away the blood
The mothers all weep
Oh they’re burying the little ones
And they’re making the graves deep.
Oh they’re burying the little ones
And they’re making the graves deep.

Yet where will the devils go
When that day comes
When the angels drag them out
To face the little ones.

Oh they’ve killed all the little ones
With their eyes open wide
There was nothing to help them
On the day that they died.

No bed to run under
No cupboard to hide
Oh they’ve killed all the little ones
With their eyes open wide.

They’ll be raising the little ones
With no sin to atone
In the light of high heaven
They will sit on tall throne.

Where playtime lasts forever
And God’s mercy never ends.

They’ll be raising the little ones
And they’ll all be best friends.
They’ll be raising the little ones
And they’ll all be best friends.

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STORM (by Tim Minchin)

July 7th, 2011 Comments off

Inner North London, top floor flat
All white walls, white carpet, white cat,
Rice Paper partitions
Modern art and ambition
The host’s a physician,
Lovely bloke, has his own practice
His girlfriend’s an actress
An old mate from home
And they’re always great fun.
So to dinner we’ve come.

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An Apple for the Soul

February 3rd, 2008 1 comment

On my first months working in the House of Representatives, I noticed that most Congressmen carry with them a MacBook. Of course they can afford to buy one or even a dozen of MacBooks, but for them perhaps it wouldn’t make any difference if they pick the apple or some other brand. They really wouldn’t bother, they just buy it like the stuff they love to buy during elections.

I just hope that they get the chance to watching this new MacBook Air commercial with the song, New Soul by French-Israeli singer and songwriter, Yael Naim. The commercial and its song gave me a feeling like I’m being transported into a world where there are no politicians…hehehe

Wish I could have one of that Macbook Air someday. Oh and, just on the side, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple is a brother Freemason from Charity Lodge No. 362, Campbell, California.

Here’s that Apple’s Macbook Air “New Soul” Commercial, relax and enjoy, its a good Apple for the soul:

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A Krismas Gift

December 17th, 2006 10 comments

It’s exactly a year now since I published a post about the song “Pasko sa Binilanggo”. Unlike most traditional Christmas songs this song is not popular and there are only few who knew about it. Some of them found this post, and requested a copy of it in mp3 format. It took me a year to look for a copy and at last I found one. So for everyone who asked for the mp3 copy of this song, Rejoice!!, I have a Christmas gift for all of you.


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Vive la difference!

May 8th, 2006 4 comments

My take on the issue about the Filipino boy in Canada punished by his school’s director and berated for eating like a pig by using spoon and fork, is that it is a case of racial discrimination. Plain and simple. I don’t see any justifiable reason about the director’s action and reprehensible comments. I find it even stupid to use the adage “when in Rome do what the Romans do” to justify the wrongdoing and cover up the racial slur over the issue. Pigs don’t eat with spoon and fork. By using Pig to describe people who doesn’t eat the continental way smacks of racism in its most despicable form. Although I believe that not all Canadians are racists. Canada is known to be a country far more tolerant to immigrants than the US, but ironically Quebec is known to be a place where Racism is socially acceptable and where everybody assumes you’re an asshole.

A lot has already been said about the issue. I would like to share my thoughts against racism through this song by one of my favorite folk music group, the trio of Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, and Mary Travers, otherwise known as PPM. I thought all along that PPM has already faded into history. I never heard of them for a long time. But thanks to the internet and of course the You Tube, I found out that they are still singing their songs and even making new ones like this song entitled All Mixed Up which they made in 1990’s. Watching this video transported me back to the past when I used to jam with my old buddies singing PPM songs. Though they obviously looked like Lolos and Lola already but their music hasn’t changed a bit, their songs remain upbeat, cheerful and very meaningful.

So to all of you Racists out there better sing along and learn.

All Mixed Up
Peter, Paul & Mary

You know this language that we speak,
Is part german , latin and part greek
Celtic and arabic all in a heap,
Well amended by the people in the street
The choctaw gave us the word okay;
Vamose is a word from mexico way.
And all of this is a hint I suspect of what comes next.

I think that this whole world
Soon mama my whole wide world
Soon mama my whole world
Soon gonna be get mixed up.
Soon mama my whole world
Soon mama my whole wide world
Soon mama my whole world
Soon gonna be get mixed up.

I like polish sausage, I like spanish rice,
And pizza pie is also nice
Corn and beans from the indians here
Washed down by german beer
Marco polo traveled by camel and pony,
He brought to italy, the first macaroni
And you and I as well we’re able,
We put it all on the table


There were no red-headed irishmen
Before the vikings landed in ireland
How many romans had dark curly hair
Before they brought slaves from africa?
No race of man is completely pure,
Nor is anyone’s mind, that’s for sure
The winds mix the dust of every land,
And so will woman and man.


This doesn’t mean we will all be the same,
We’ll have different faces and different names
Long live many different kinds of races
It’s a difference of opinion that makes horse races
Just remember the rule about rules, brother
What could be right for one could be wrong for the other
And take a tip from la belle france: Vive la difference!


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