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Some Notes on Amorphous Masonic Virtual Groups

July 14th, 2011

The proliferation of so-called “We-Are-All-Masons-Regardless-of-Grand-Lodges-and-Jurisdictions” groups in Social Networking sites, poses a serious threat to regular Masonry. It misleads Masons to ambigous concepts and distorted notions of so-called ‘universal brotherhood of Masonry’. Clandestine organizations would like us to believe in this way, and if you don’t agree, you’ll earn their ire and will be branded as not being a genuine Mason. They would like us to believe that theirs is the ideal and real Masonry because they accept and treat all as Brother Masons. Then at every opportunity proselytize and brag of their correctness and makes a fool out of us and our Grand Lodge.

Sadly, many from our ranks in the GLP believes on this infantile sentimentalism and enjoys the rollercoaster ride these clandestines provide. In the meantime, while they keep us busy in our virtual amorphous gathering in these social networking sites, this clandestine group are fast encroaching on our territories building their lodges and according to reports, are receiving into their fold individuals who were rejected from our lodges. Think, it is not actually harmony that they’re after, they are actually destroying the harmony within our ranks and slowly breaking our foundations.

This alarming trend is succinctly described by Bro. Ronald J. Watkins of Wayfarers Lodge No.50, G.L. of Arizona in his article, “Freemasonry: The Digital Challenge”, to wit:

“This “new wave” has certain troubling aspects. The proponents veil their anger towards regular Masonry by claiming to be supportive of traditional Masonry, when in fact they are not. They tend to depict regular Masonic Grand Lodges as monolithic and oppressive. They view subordinate lodges as dysfunctional and archaic. They envision a future in which anyone claiming to be a Mason is accepted as such, a world in which regularity all but ceases to exist. In the name of what they term “universal brotherhood” they seek a Masonic world in which anyone wearing a compass and square is accepted as a Mason. If they have their way it will be the end of regular Masonry.”

Brethren, caution should always be our watchword in our dealing and participation in the various social networking sites passing itself as Masonic.

– Bro. Cris M. Gaerlan
Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No.305
MD NCR-A, M.W. Grand Lodge of F.&A.M. of the Philippines

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