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When Good Guys fight

March 14th, 2010

After a 12 round “boring” fight, Manny Pacquiao emerged winner by unanimous decision over Ghanian Joshua Clottey. It was a boring fight as Clottey obviously fought a scared fight from start to finish as he kept covering himself with his two hands. After taking all the flurry of Pacman’s punches, Clottey stood ground and survived the fight. Clottey can now put a tattoo which says, “Thank God, I survived the ring with Manny Pacquiao!”

It was not a fight most pinoys would enjoy, there were no gore and bodies falling down the canvass. It was a gentleman’s match as shown how the two expressed respect and praises with each other since the match contract was sealed. My wife Vikki had best described both fighter’s attitude during the match on her Facebook status message, ” You’re a good guy, Manny, and I think you didn’t KO Clottey because you thought he was a good guy too : ) “

At dun sa mga nabitin sa laban, heto na lang panoorin nyo, wasak na wasak ang videong ito!

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