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Daily Mall Mysteries

March 5th, 2009 3 comments

Everyday I pass through a mall going to my present work site. I take the same route on my way back home. There is one scene which I found almost too common in every malls in Manila, with the only exception perhaps of Rockwell Powerplant.

I have observed inside the mall’s fastfood chains, coffee shops, and usually in the foodcourt, elderly people, some are dressed to the nines, in groups of four to five, are occupied in a seemingly serious conversation. More often there is someone doing the talking while the rest listen attentively. They even have documents, which appears to have an important part in their conversation. Also, one group knows the other group occupying the next table. Some of them have ordered something to eat or drink while the others have nothing but a glass of water taken from the public drinking fountain.

These people are obviously not having a bible study session nor by chance they are in a speed dating event. I suppose its not even a real estate brokering conference or a conclave of believers waiting for the end of the world. What these people are doing is one mall mystery that really baffles me – like why some people like to brush their teeth inside the mall’s comfort rooms, or why some people think the mall is one big nursery ward, where they can display their recently born infant for public viewing.

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March 1st, 2009 1 comment

Another of Bambit’s portraiture study:  moi.


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