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A Mason’s Mark

January 27th, 2009 2 comments

Last Sunday, Bambit, our little girl Maia and Ate Bibing went for a morning walk at Nayong Pilipino or whatever is left of it.

It was a stroll cum photo-shoot sortie. While Bambit was looking for picture-perfect-subjects, Maia called her up and said, “look mommy, look, it’s a MASON.” Maia found a word “MASON” chiseled on the road cement (inset photo).

Maia pronounces the word Mason as MAAH-SOON, the first time she read the print “MY DAD IS A MASON” at the back of one of her t-shirts. And yes, she recognizes Masonic symbols like the ubiquitous Square and Compasses, and gave all of them, including Masonic events, with a generic nomenclature as “MAAH-SOON”. Like, she would ask me while I am preparing to go to our Lodge meeting, “are you going to MAAH-SOON, Ama?”

Back to Maia’s find. I’m sure this mark carries with it many stories. But I’d like to fancy it as a mark left by one of the Masons who made the road. I guess it was not even his name. I think he just etched the word that instantly came to his mind that can collectively identify all of them – mga MAAH-SOON. This drift is consistent with an ancient practice among operative Masons.

According to WIKIPEDIA: A mason’s mark is a symbol often found on dressed stone in buildings and other public structures. Scottish rules issued in 1598 stated that on admission to the guild, every mason had to enter his name and his mark in a register.

Another: THE subject of Marks forms an interesting episode in the history of Masonry, both Operative and Speculative. A Mason’s Mark is a monogram, a symbol, or some other arbitrary figure chiselled by a mason on the surface of a stone for the purpose of identifying his own work and distinguishing it from that of other workmen.

I find the mark that Maia found fascinating and noble all together. The marker could have written, “Junrhey loves Jonahlyn” or “Carding was her,” for crying out loud, but instead he chose to put a mark that gives due recognition and distinction to their craft – that of him or them being Masons. Proud of their work, proud of of their craft.

More often, the nobility and virtues of Masonry can still be found marked in the hearts of those who truly build roads, buildings and other stately edifices, than those who just proclaim themselves Masons by flashing their fancy decals and titles, but doesn’t know how to build an edifice of virtue in their hearts nor spread the cement of brotherly love.

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Five Years +

January 23rd, 2009 4 comments

The very first time I’ve been to a Courtroom was five years ago today.

That was the day when I married Ms.Maria Marina Victoria Kapauan. Yes, its our Fifth Wedding Anniversary today. Five years in the legal count, because years before that we were already – living together and growing together:

Start with a man and you have one.
Add on a woman and then you have two.

Add on a child and what have you got?
Youve got more than three.
Youve got what they call a family.

Living together, growing together, just being together,
Thats how it starts.
Three loving hearts all

Pulling together, working together, just building together,
That makes you strong.
If things go wrong well still get along somehow,
Living and growing together.


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The 44th and First African American US President

January 21st, 2009 3 comments

Last night I watched the live telecast of the inauguration of the 44th and first African-American President of the United States – Barack Obama. I shared the excitement of the millions around the world who witnessed this historical moment.

May mga nagtatanong why I get thrilled about Barack Obama becoming President of the US. Simple lang naman sagot ko, I have no illusion that American policies affecting the world will change overnight, even with Obama as President. The US still needs to preserve its global posture as a Superpower to protect its economic interests.

Ang buod lang naman ng aking kagalakan sa pagkapanalo ni Barack Obama bilang Presidente ng US ay dahil sa historical significance na dulot nito. Lalong lalo na sa mahaba, madugo at malungkot na kasaysayan ng pakikibaka ng mga itim sa US. Sa kauna-unahang pagkakataon nailuklok sa poder ng kapangyarihan ng US ang isang African American. Ang lahi na dati rati’y ay bawal umupo sa bus na para sa mga puti. Ang lahi na dati rati’y ay binibitay sa puno, pinapatay at tinatratong parang hayup ng mga puti. In this backdrop, it would be an understatement to say that Obama’s victory is simply inspiring . It is more than inspiring. It is an affirmation that indeed Change can happen, if there is a will. It gave meaning to the early 60’s religio-protest song, “We Shall Overcome”. It echoes the voice of Rosa Parks, of Malcolm X and the illustrious and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King. Obama’s victory is not his alone, it is the victory of the long struggle of the African-Americans.

I just hope Barack Obama can live up to the promise of Change the world is anticipating from his administration. Kasama ako sa milyon-milyon ka tao na nananalangin na sana sa pag-upo ni Barack Obama, magkakaroon ng bagong kaayusan ang mundo para sa kapayapaan at katiwasayan ng lahat.

Barack Obama deserves my admiration and respect.

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Testing SCRIBD

January 15th, 2009 Comments off

I’m testing the SCRIBD, with this program of our 17th Public Installation of Officers for Masonic Year 2009.


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