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What is “That which was Lost”?

January 28th, 2008

My wife Bambit asked me about my blog’s new tagline “…in search of that which was lost”, what was lost?

Surely it is not about the lost treasures of Yamashita, the lost city of Atlantis or the lost generation, it has something to do with the Blog title itself – Travel Light, and it is Masonic.

In Freemasonry one travels seeking further light, which means one’s life is a never-ending journey towards understanding yourself, society and the universe. When we were raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason we were made to see the pathway of human life, accept our mortality and hope for immortality. And while we travel in life, we search for that which was lost.

In Freemasonry, in the search for “That Which Was Lost,” we are not actually searching for a particular word. Our search is a symbol for our “feeling of loss” or “exile” from the Source of Life. What we are searching for is Divine Truth, which should be the ultimate goal of all men and Masons.

We must always search diligently for truth, and never permit prejudice, passions, or conflicts of interest, to hinder us in our search. Masons are devoted to freedom of thought, speech and action. Each person must ultimately seek out and find the True Word for himself, through his own individual efforts.

The Truth that Freemasonry teaches is ‘ that most interesting of human studies’ – the knowledge of oneself. There is an inner light, a divinity, in each of us, which is the genuine secret of a Master Mason and which, in our present state of darkness or ignorance, is lost to us. Freemasonry teaches us that the sole purpose of our existence is ‘ to seek for that which was lost’. That we must persevere in our search for this light and labour incessantly to make ourselves perfect till time or circumstances restore it., even though that goal may remain incomplete, as was the temple in our legend. Our rituals and ceremonies are specifically designed to guide us in this spiritual journey- to dispel ignorance, to know God, and finally to experience God.

The Masonic Brother in search of the “Lost Word” should not be on a hunt for a mystic term to be used like a magic spell. That for what he really searches is to discover the Divine Truth within himself. “While traveling upon the level of time towards that undiscovered Country from whose borne no traveler returns.” No one could tell me where my Soul might be. I search for God, but God eludes me. I sought my Brother, and found all three.

We travel in search of that which was lost, so that

“…in old age, as Master Masons, we may enjoy the happy reflections consequent on a well-spent life, and die in the hope of a glorious immortality.”

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