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Viva EDSA!!

February 23rd, 2008

In the next few days, events will unfold which might lead into yet another conjuncture in the Philippine political history. These critical set of circumstances is brought about by the NBN-ZTE scandal which once again implicates the GMA administration.

On Monday, rallies calling for GMA’s ouster/resignation will be held simultaenously in various locations in Metro Manila. GMA’s minions will also mount similar activities by promising to mobilize a million warm bodies in Metro Manila to demonstrate support for GMA.

edsa5.jpgMany are already cynical to EDSA-like Regime change, but there are still those who believe that such exercises are the ultimate expression of democracy.

I am one of those who believe that our two EDSA revolutions did not accomplish the desired change for the betterment of our people. This gives me enough reason to be disgusted about EDSA 1 and 2. However, I do not subscribe to the idea nor advocate the call that people should stop exercising EDSA-like revolutions. On the contrary, I advocate EDSA-like uprisings.

If there is one great lesson that our EDSA experience had taught us, it is that an uprising is a potent weapon that people can utilize in changing governments. Only that next time when an upheaval is in the offing, let’s make sure that the ones leading it are the masses, and not the vacilating Middle Class, the Church, the traditional politicians, and not even the extreme left. History had shown us that these groups were the ones who sacrificed the gains of EDSA for their selfish interests.

I will join this “new and improved EDSA” on Monday, if only to express my disgust and condemnation over the present regime. I would still join more EDSA’s to come in the future until finally the Filipino People would realize that in order to effect real change, it should change not only the leadership of government, but the whole socio-economic and political system of our country.

Until then, let’s make a hundred EDSAs bloom!

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