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Thinking of Sweeney Todd

May 30th, 2008

I maintain a half-inch, semi-skinhead hairstyle, or should I say, head-style. I used to sport a much hairier head before, but since I shifted to the semi-skinhead cut, I decided to stick to it since then. I find having a less hairy head more comfortable. It’s more practically cooler, not only for its fad value. The only taxing part is that you have to visit your barber regularly just to maintain the right trim. As an accent to the style, I decided to maintain a goatie too. Not a lush, just a fair clump of small hairs perched on my chin.

Due to my regular visits, my Barber and I had developed a kind of ritualistic conversation everytime I step inside the barber shop and sat on his Barber’s chair. He would first greet me with a smile and the usual hi-how-are-you-sir-and-the-missus kind of greetings and I reply with the usual answer. Afterwards in an almost theatrical way he would prepare his barber’s wares; scissors, comb, beard trimmers, etc… Then he would ask me a question which he already know my answer, “the usual cut, sir?” But what i find amusing and at the same time startling is that he always asks me while showing his beard trimmers, if I would like to have my little goatie beard trimmed. He already knew my answer would be a “no,” for the nth time.

I don’t know if it is a second nature for a barber to ask his customer if he wants his beard trimmed or shaven. Everytime he lifts the beard trimmers, I would just smile and tell him no, thank you, before he can ask again. But alas, perhaps the only reason why he keeps on asking me is that he thinks my goatie doesn’t fit my style. Maybe he was just too polite to say that it looked bad on me.

The next time I visit my barber and before he lifts the beard trimmers, I have to ask him that. Or perhaps, if by chance, he knows Sweeney Todd.

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