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The Weather Report

November 15th, 2008

“A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when those words are associated with the weather.” This is a quotation I got from www.accuweather.com when I was looking for a weather report for today, Saturday. I was looking for something that would describe this picture of me and my Maia, and this quote is what I got.

Today Bambit and I decided to give our little Maia a day at the Mall of Asia. Maia was persistently asking for it for almost a month now. We decided to go early in the morning to avoid the usual mallers rush or any potential downpour. The skies didn’t looked too cheerful when we arrived at the playgrounds near the seawall of MOA. We feared that it might rain soon. But Maia brought along a lot of sunshine with her cheerful mood. Before proceeding inside the Mall, Maia played on the children’s playground and then we made a short stroll along the seawall.

Our first stop inside the mall was Maia’s ride on a balloon ferris wheel. Then she climbed, rolled, jumped and bounced around without end on those mammoth inflatables that we passed by along the way. Maia still tireless after the inflatables, pulled us in the direction toward her usual final destination in MOA – the Kidz Republic. Ever since she stepped foot and played on that indoor playground, Kidz Republic became the only place that she perfectly remembers in MOA. She even knew the directions in going there once we’re inside the Mall. After draining much her energy in Kidz Republic, Maia finally gave up a few minutes before her one hour limit was over.

We just grabbed a take out order of her favorite food and took a cab home. Maia was too tired and dozed off, but she was obviously happy. It was one bright sunny day for our little Maia, even if the clouds were still grey and gloomy when we got home.

It didn’t rain today, Saturday.


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