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August 8th, 2008

The first time I put my hands on a computer keyboard, I was already introduced to computer games. Computer games then were simplier and less graphical, and played with an MS-DOS. I can still remember then when digger, tetris, prince of persia, etc…became the main reason for us to voluntarily be deprived of sleep. More advanced versions of video games are then found only on video game arcades in the malls.

Now, computer and video games had become more complex and more graphically enhanced, that it had attained an almost realistic feel and appearance. Also, because PCs and other video game machines can now be easily accessed and owned, most kids had already abandoned traditional kiddy games of run-and-play and hide-and-seek, for the more sedentary activity of playing video games.

Kids nowadays are more knowledgeable on computer and video games than their older folks. In fact, it was my stepson, then 11 years old, who taught me how to play counter strike. My little girl Maia, now already adept in using the computer at the age of four, is now starting to learn the basics of Sim City like games.

I have completely freed myself from being nailed in front of the computer playing games. But if you have the newest FIFA video game, that would be another story.

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