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Our House

July 31st, 2008

I am not an engineer or an architect, but what I observed is that, old houses seemed to be more durable than modern houses. I don’t know if it has something to do with structural designs or the materials used, or both.

The house we’re living now is a structure that was built by Bambit’s Dad in the late 1950’s. Hence some of its parts had already seen better days. But, if given close inspection, a lot of it are still in top shape. Just to have a bit of make over and for some repairs, we had renovated the house before we moved in.

The first thing we did upon moving was to fill up our ersatz tool cabinet with necessary tools for home improvement. We were able to gather at least the basic hand tools. Now we can manage to take care with some minor improvements that has to be made, or for some minor fixings. We set our sights next to power tools, like power drills, which makes other works easier, especially that the house is made of hard and sturdy materials.

We still plan to have the house undergo a major renovation and a little redesigning while retaining the house’s old feel. Because since we moved in, most of the comments we get from all our first time visitors is that, they felt relaxed. In fact, they wanted to sleep. Perhaps that is one value that an old house brings – it exudes the aura of an era where life is slow, and time stands still.

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