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Happy Feet

July 14th, 2008

I agree with the by-word that we are children of our own time. Time progresses and with it new styles, technology, fashion, etc… are introduced. Some of us want to retain the old taste and flavoring we are already familiar with. While many would try to adopt and fit in with what is new. In my experience, these assume manifestations in the way one chooses a pair shoes or footwear.

I have never been a fan, nor appreciated the innovations made on modern shoes, particularly on athletic shoes like basketball shoes. The more the designs innovated. the more it becomes to look like SUVs on feet, than shoes. Amidst the vast choices of shoes with modern designs, I stick to my favorite classic sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith. I am a loyal fan of the Stan Smith sneakers and I believe no sneakers can beat its simplicity in design and the comfort it gives. Adidas Stan Smith is utterly timeless and will still be in style for as long as there are men of good taste.

Next to sneakers, sandals are my second choice of footwear. I started wearing sandals when I was just a kid and since then I get used to this easy to wear and relaxing footwear. In my life I have owned sandals of different make, design and styles. Aside from those quasi-casual leather made sandals, there are also those made of rubber with Velcro straps. The former I used for a casual day walk, while the latter for trekking rugged terrains.

Indeed, I am a child of my time. I still prefer to wear the kind of footwears which I grew up with. They’re comfy and groovy, and makes my feet happy. Like, I would not exchange a pair of rubber Spartan slippers for a pair of Havaianas. No way, Jose.

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