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What’s Cooking?

July 10th, 2008

Two of my favorite place in a house are the Bedroom and Kitchen. These two places are where human senses and appetites are either indulged and or ensconced. Of the two, I find the Kitchen a most interesting place.

I am not an expert cook, I only know to cook a few recipes which were handed to me by my mom and dad. But when you get a good kitchen with complete appliances, I would like to imagine myself as Ming Tsai or some expert chef when cooking. A nice and complete kitchen enduces me to cook, or should I say inspires me to experiment on some new recipes.

When I was studying in Amsterdam, I was really fascinated by the kitchen and mess hall we have in our school. Adjacent to the kitchen is one big chamber for the storage of cooking supplies and other stock, and inside one can find wall freezers for frozen products. The kitchen got big ranges and ovens and also big dishwashers that can wash and clean up dishes and utensils used by a big party. The main mess hall has three rows of long tables a bit similar to that of the Hogwarts school’s mess hall. Our dormitory’s kitchen and mess hall was made to accommodate a hundred or more users.

With our school’s excellent kitchen, cooking became one of my favorite diversion while studying. I cooked dinner for my classmates of different nationalities, with Filipino cuisine like adobo, paksiw, etc., which they all liked. My European classmates just wouldn’t like to have the fish heads included in the dish. The only problem with volunteering to cook once, is that it eventually becomes your perpetual task.

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  1. July 10th, 2008 at 19:22 | #1

    Believe it or not, I started cooking when I was four years old. Since my husband doesn’t cook, it leaves me in charge of everything…I can experiment as much as I like. :-)

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