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April 15th, 2008

A year ago today, I visited my Dad in his house.

After the usual talks about developments in Philippine Masonry, which was his favorite topic whenever I visited him, I proudly showed him my newly bought Masonic Ring. He was delighted to see it. He tried it on his frail fingers and said he once had one like it, but more beautiful than what I have.

Afterwards our conversation drifted into his usual nostalgia of places his been to and friends that he missed for a long time. I gave him some updates about the places, but I stopped when it comes to those friends he was longing to see. Most of them were already dead.

I bade goodbye to my Dad that day in our usual parting fashion, by exchanging Masonic handshakes and signs, and then we laugh like two little kids sharing our little secrets.

Two days after my visit, my Dad died, in his sleep.

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