July 29th, 2008

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is conducting clearing operations against illegaly placed billboards and signages, including BF’s giant posters. According to DPWH these posters provide nothing beneficial to people but empty slogans. The DPWH had given the MMDA time to do the clearing of the BF Posters, or the DPWH will tear it down themselves.

BF and his Kingdom, known as MMDA, reiterates that they will not remove the posters. Bayani Fernando has responded to the impending demolition of his giant self-imposed advocacy posters, (a.k.a — BF campaign posters) by claiming that his posters do not obstruct traffic and that they are in fact very beneficial to the people because of its messages.

These giant BF posters has not yet been actually blamed as a direct cause of any accident that resulted to death, physical injuries or damage to properties. If there is such, it might present itself as a strong case against BF and or the MMDA. Such case might compel the courts to order the posters illegal, hence must be removed.

But that is physical injury. What if by seeing those BF giant posters on a daily basis, on your way from home to work and back, you develop a certain psychological illness? Too much exposure to these giant BF’s posters might lead one to develop CACOPHOBIA the fear of ugliness.

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