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Let’s Haka

June 11th, 2008

When Bambit and I started building our family, migrating abroad became a very enticing idea. We were in agreement that the situation in the Philippines has gone from bad to worse. Philippines has become a place not ideal for raising children. I need not elaborate on this. Never mind reading Dante’s Inferno, you just have to watch, read or hear the daily news about the Philippines, and you’ll know what I mean.

Having this thought doesn’t make us less nationalistic. Migrating abroad doesn’t necessarily mean we’re giving up our nationality and identity. Not an iota of this thought occured to us, especially me. I love my country so much that I had given my share for its sake by spending two decades of my life in a movement that wanted to bring radical change to its society, without effect. I have no regrets about it though, and I have to move on.

With a family of my own, what I wanted now is to find a nice and peaceful spot on earth where I would spend a life of joy and peace. Definetely its not the US of A, Canada, not even Europe or the U.K. Bambit and I agreed that if we ever migrate, we will move to New Zealand. Without even discussing about why New Zealand, we just agreed with the idea of emigrating New Zealand. Perhaps its the peaceful aura and projection of the country that allures us. Perhaps because both of us had watched and liked the movie, The Piano and the Shire on Middle Earth of the LOTR, or maybe because its a safe place to live.

But before we can learn how to perform the Haka, we first have to scout for employment in New Zealand. This is the first step we have to do, before everything else becomes yet another pipe dream.

Next to New Zealand, I set my sights on Thailand.

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