November 12th, 2008

Mayor Jejomar “Jojo” Binay is the first to personally proclaim his intentions of running as Presidential candidate for the 2010 elections. Never mind Bayani Fernando, the King of EDSA – he’s running for President in a fairytale land he calls “METRO PHILIPPINES”, wherever that is. The public declaration of Jojo Binay officially signals the opening of the Election Season. Expect a lot of gift giving stints by prospective candidates this Christmas season.

Some Binay supporters want to utilize and ride on the Obama victory as Binay’s PR campaign line. This somehow becomes a bit of a hard selling line. For while it is without doubt that Jojo Binay is one of the best Mayors of the Philippines, his supporters are using the Obama line simply by liking Jojo’s skin to that of Obama. If the idea is just to generate humor, it is of bad taste. A sense of humour that fits only the taste of the “skin-whittening-users” crowd. This propaganda line brings nothing but that of undermining Jojo’s intelligence and belittling his capacity as a good leader. It highlights a more negative and politically incorrect line which might not sit well to serious electorates.

The problem with PR handlers of Politicos is that, in their poor attempt to get the masa votes, they never fail to make their principal look Stupid! I just hope these politicos are aware of this kind of negative PR stints. However, I know many of these Politicos need no PR handlers in order for people to know that they look, talk and walk Stupid!

My take and for anything, instead of Obama, I would rather liken Jojo Binay to Bill Clinton, they are both my brothers in the Order of DeMolay.

Ah, but then…

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  1. November 13th, 2008 at 12:04 | #1

    i’ve been a makati resident longer than i have been a paranaque city resident, and all i can say let the facts speak for themselves. what little i know means a lot when decision making time comes.

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