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It’s TRAPO Open Season

May 27th, 2008

Technically speaking, year 2010 is still less than two years from now. On May 2010, the Philippine National Election is scheduled. On May 2010 we are to elect a new President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, and local officials from the Provinces down to the Municipalities. Year 2010 is the D-YEAR for politicians of all shades, shape, size, color, kind and breed.

The Greatest Show on our country is still far two years away, but the circus has already started. From now till the last quarter next year will be a free for all season for political gimmickry. Political signs are now fast transforming our landscape. Since it is not yet election campaign period, most clowns hang their protraits as election signs, under the guise of product endorsement. There is even one animal who brazenly and shamelessly used public funds to uglify Metro Manila by putting up his pink political yard signs at the whole stretch of the Metro Rail Track along EDSA. If you’re a Metro Gago, you’ll love this guy.

The trick for this early campaigning are: first, to gain beachhead in the propaganda war, secondly, to test the waters of public acceptability and lastly as basis for horse-trading or to raise the ante (price) in case a potential opponent negotiates for him/her to join a certain ticket or his withdrawal from the electoral race.

Technically speaking, year 2010 is still less than two years from now. But for the kind of politicians we have, less than two years is just like less than two weeks away.

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