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Here comes the Rain

April 20th, 2008

Last week in the middle of a sweltering summer, a low pressure zone suddenly visited the Philippines . It was a welcome respite but only for a while. The rainbringer didn’t want to stay longer, perhaps because it was oppressively hot and humid in the Philippines at that time. Usually rain starts to fall in May ushering the rainy season that comes in a most inconvenient time, that of during the openning of schools.

When you grow up in the province you become familiar with natural signals heralding the rainy season. The most common signal is the sudden appearance of tiny winged termites swarming around all that is lighted in the night. They swarm light bulbs, tv monitors, and all lamps ersatz or real, from desk lamps, table lamps to lamp shades. They become quite annoying because you need to turn all the lights off just to shoo them away.

The freak low pressure zone that visited us last week had sent wrong signals to these tiny winged creatures. Out from nowhere, they suddenly appeared swarming the lighted flourescent lamps in our living room, desk lamps in our room, the monitors of the computer where I was working on and on the TV where my little girl was watching her favorite cartoon show. They thought it was already their call time. Some of them bumped a calendar hanging in a wall near a lighted floor lamp, saw the month and got confused.

We turned off all that was lighted in our house. My baby Maia and I just sat outside our dark front yard watching our uninvited visitors fly to the lighted street lamp post at the corner of our house. I told my baby girl, those little creatures will surely be back sometime soon.

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