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Geeks (in BDUs) rule!

February 21st, 2008

Kuya and Maia in BDUsBeing a computer geek has its advantages, one of which is the chance to raise more geeks and eventually conquer the world. My teen-aged geek stepson is a war tactician of the meanest calibre, and can change history with a few mouse clicks or key presses, in his army jacket while sitting in the comfort of his own room. This, for his mother, is better than having him trudge off to the nearest gaming centre and out of my sight. Well worth gearing him up in authentic army uniforms even. Hey, if my daughter can dress up in her princess gowns and play happy ever after, her brother can out play any general in his BDUs.

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  1. Editor
    February 22nd, 2008 at 15:14 | #1

    Contrary to what Sam here would have you believe, ‘meanest calibre’ is dead wrong – my style is summed up in the phrase “There is no weapon too large, no weapons platform too heavy, and if in doubt, charge the middle of the line with everything you’ve got”. That, of course, precludes covering aforesaid charge with sniper and artillery fire.

    Also, no, I do not change history. I make it. There’s a difference. (Mainly on who gets killed and by whom, and how badly the loser got OMGWTFBBQPWNed.)

    And, no, I do not wear that jacket while in my room getting high on gunpowder. Do you have any idea how much that thing weighs? Or how hot it gets in here?

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