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Finished or unfinished, pass your papers

May 24th, 2008

The advancement of technology and advent of the Internet made people predict for a paperless office. Offices will be spared from the clutter and a mountain pile of papers. People will be exchanging notes, messages and other materials through the Internet or some other hi-tech mobile gadgets. The way paper is used will be drastically changed by computers and the electronic communication. But is this so?

Paper will still be around and will definitely stay for a while. People still need paper even if emails, PDA’s, cellphones and laptops have become widely used. Even the mobile businesspeople who carry their data around in little electronic gadgets, find themselves still needing to print their documents. One cannot send wedding invitations without using paper. Receiving birth announcements from close friends in beautiful paper work gives more warm personal touch than getting it through mass email. Imagine holiday photo cards made in metal, wood, plastic and other material, other than that of paper.

A paperless world will eventually come. In the meantime that paperless story remains a fiction we read in magazines that are still made of paper. Perhaps such pursuit is laudable if it is made in the context of saving trees of our world. But if the motivating vision for a paperless world is just another consumerist stint and for capitalist profit, then we will surely miss the paper, equally as we will miss the trees.

The next time you receive a wedding invitation or baby shower invitations, be truly happy.

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  1. May 25th, 2008 at 00:59 | #1

    A paperless world may not be as great as it seems. Less paper implies more electronics, so it’s more electricity, so more coal and oil burning, more pollution. Also, the electronics like computers and so on are not environmentally friendly… Paper can be easier recycled… I don’t mean a paperless world is a bad thing, but it may come at a heavy price.

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