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Prayer is a very important and serious undertaking. It is the only medium known to us humans to communicate to our Almighty Creator, for succor, guidance or simply expressing gratitude for our manifold blessings.

One does not make fun or inject any amount of humour into a prayer. Unless you are in a black mass or delivering a message addressed to someone else other than God.

GMA has been known to use the name of God for her political ends. She once claimed that God placed her in the position as President. Now who would believe that what Dureza said in his prayer was a simple faux pas. Perhaps GMA’s evident disgust was caused by the fact that in Dureza’s eagerness to kiss her ass, he jumped the gun and stole that line from her.

Blasphemous pricks.

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The Weather Report

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“A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when those words are associated with the weather.” This is a quotation I got from when I was looking for a weather report for today, Saturday. I was looking for something that would describe this picture of me and my Maia, and this quote is what I got.

Today Bambit and I decided to give our little Maia a day at the Mall of Asia. Maia was persistently asking for it for almost a month now. We decided to go early in the morning to avoid the usual mallers rush or any potential downpour. The skies didn’t looked too cheerful when we arrived at the playgrounds near the seawall of MOA. We feared that it might rain soon. But Maia brought along a lot of sunshine with her cheerful mood. Before proceeding inside the Mall, Maia played on the children’s playground and then we made a short stroll along the seawall.

Our first stop inside the mall was Maia’s ride on a balloon ferris wheel. Then she climbed, rolled, jumped and bounced around without end on those mammoth inflatables that we passed by along the way. Maia still tireless after the inflatables, pulled us in the direction toward her usual final destination in MOA – the Kidz Republic. Ever since she stepped foot and played on that indoor playground, Kidz Republic became the only place that she perfectly remembers in MOA. She even knew the directions in going there once we’re inside the Mall. After draining much her energy in Kidz Republic, Maia finally gave up a few minutes before her one hour limit was over.

We just grabbed a take out order of her favorite food and took a cab home. Maia was too tired and dozed off, but she was obviously happy. It was one bright sunny day for our little Maia, even if the clouds were still grey and gloomy when we got home.

It didn’t rain today, Saturday.


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The Apple of My Eyes

November 13th, 2008 1 comment

What makes me a proud father? Here’s one:

Watch Maia singing her version of the Cuppycake Song.

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November 12th, 2008 1 comment

Mayor Jejomar “Jojo” Binay is the first to personally proclaim his intentions of running as Presidential candidate for the 2010 elections. Never mind Bayani Fernando, the King of EDSA – he’s running for President in a fairytale land he calls “METRO PHILIPPINES”, wherever that is. The public declaration of Jojo Binay officially signals the opening of the Election Season. Expect a lot of gift giving stints by prospective candidates this Christmas season.

Some Binay supporters want to utilize and ride on the Obama victory as Binay’s PR campaign line. This somehow becomes a bit of a hard selling line. For while it is without doubt that Jojo Binay is one of the best Mayors of the Philippines, his supporters are using the Obama line simply by liking Jojo’s skin to that of Obama. If the idea is just to generate humor, it is of bad taste. A sense of humour that fits only the taste of the “skin-whittening-users” crowd. This propaganda line brings nothing but that of undermining Jojo’s intelligence and belittling his capacity as a good leader. It highlights a more negative and politically incorrect line which might not sit well to serious electorates.

The problem with PR handlers of Politicos is that, in their poor attempt to get the masa votes, they never fail to make their principal look Stupid! I just hope these politicos are aware of this kind of negative PR stints. However, I know many of these Politicos need no PR handlers in order for people to know that they look, talk and walk Stupid!

My take and for anything, instead of Obama, I would rather liken Jojo Binay to Bill Clinton, they are both my brothers in the Order of DeMolay.

Ah, but then…

(photo taken from

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Pomp and Circumstance

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One thing that distinguish Masonic functions apart from other organizations is that it is always accompanied by the usual pomp and circumstance. This goes true even to all the concordant and appendant organizations of Freemasonry. This ritualistic tradition are benchmark characteristics of Freemasonry being an Ancient and Honorable institution. Freemasonry claims ascendancy as being more ancient than the Golden Fleece or the Roman Eagle and more honorable than the Order of the Star of France or the Order of the Garter of England.

The Order of DeMolay, being a youth organization founded by Masons upon strong Masonic principles and traditions, follows suit. The Order of DeMolay is also beset with rites, degrees, decorations, honors and awards patterned after medieval Chivalric traditions of Knighthood, particularly from the Knights Templar of which the Order had taken inspiration.

Last February 8, 2008, during the 9th Biennial Session of the Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of the Republic of the Philippines, after so many years I once again enjoyed our Order’s usual pomp and circumstance. I was inducted, together with many others, as an Active Member of the Supreme Council, in a simple yet symbolic Rite called the Ceremony of Collaring. It is in this ceremony where one’s status as Active Member is confirmed by being presented with a certificate and adorned with the collar and jewel of the Supreme Council.

This year marks my 27th year of being a member of the Order of DeMolay, and it is fittingly punctuated by my being collared an Active Member of the Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of the Republic of the Philippines. The honor of becoming member of the DeMolay Supreme Council is a privilege enjoyed only by regular Master Masons in good standing, or that of a Senior DeMolay who is a Legionnaire of the Legion of Honor of the Order of DeMolay. This is an act ensuring the perpetual stewardship of Freemasonry over the DeMolay movement all over the world.

I’m proud to be a DeMolay especially that both the incumbent Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, Most Worshipful Pacifico B. Aniag, and the sitting Grand Master of the Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay of the Republic of the Philippines, Hon. VW Evaristo A. Leviste, are my brother DeMolays.

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The 44th President of the U.S. of A.

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Between Obama and McCain, i rooted for Obama.

I am not for Mc Ain’t not only because his supporters hyped his being a POW war hero. The kind of hero who carpet-bombed civilian villages in Vietnam that killed thousands of innocent lives. I am for Barack Obama simply because I believed in the call, “Anybody but a Republican.” Of course, Obama being an African-American challenging a white dominated politics of the United States is an added value for my stand. His victory had surely sent shivers down the spine of the Grand Wizard and the whole Realm and Empire of the Ku Klux Klan, and of course its other derivatives and cousins – like maybe the NRA.

It is without doubt that Obama’s victory is something to be celebrated about. It was a culmination and pinnacle of a long history of struggle of African-Americans. Rosa Parks sat down in order for Martin Luther King, Jr to march; and Martin Luther King Jr. marched in order for Barack Obama to run…and ran he did and he won. Now the highest position of the land of the free and the home of the brave is held by an African-American. What more inspiration can one ask for.

But when euphoria subsides, reality seeps in. Barack Obama is now faced with a monumental task, especially that these tasks are coupled with high expectations drawn form his promise of effecting change that we need. He had shown the world that He Can win, now he must prove the world what He Can do.

I don’t care about how he would tax the US rich in order to feed the poorer section of the American population before they start shouting slogans like, “Eat the Rich!”. I am much awaiting for his policy positions on the US inovolvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Philippines, and its continuing militarist foreign policy and relations all over the world.

What will become of Barack Obama being the 44th President of the United States of America remains to be seen, and the watch begins on his inauguration day on January 20, 2009.

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I must have missed the joys of blogging that’s why I thought of resurrecting and renovating (as usual thanks to my loving partner Bambit) my blog for the nth time.

For a while I became an absentee blogger. My blog has become a bulletin board of a school on a summer break.My bloggosphere existence had crawled down to level zero together with my page rank, and my writing fervor suddenly became insipid.

Then I realize, to blog is perhaps to be inspired again. To rebound with enthusiasm drawn from new inspirations. I think.

So here goes. Samuel Bilibit, balik-blogging.

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