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My Brother Mason

September 20th, 2008 Comments off

My elder brother Ferdie (left, on the photo) was just raised to the Sublime Degree of Masonry last September 12, 2008. Now he is a Master Mason and the third Gaerlan member of our lodge, Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No. 305 Free and Accepted Masons. The first one is our cousin Samuel H. Gaerlan, who like us is also a DeMolay, is charter member of our lodge. I followed next, and now Ferdie.

I’m sure our Dad, who is now in the Celestial Lodge above, is very happy. He now had two of his sons as his Brother Masons. After his raising, my Brother Ferdie gave a speech before the Lodge thanking the Brethren for accepting him as member of the Lodge, and also, he dedicated that momentous event of his life to our late Dad.

There are still three of our younger siblings, who hopefully will follow suit and knock at the doors of Freemasonry in due time.

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Some People

September 19th, 2008 Comments off

As a simple regimen, I do walking in the early morning from our house to what is now left of Nayong Pilipino, and back. It’s a one hour vice versa walk. My morning walk gives me health dividends both mentally and physically. Long walks gives one necessary sweating and aerobic exercise. Taking an early morning walk in a park gives one a distinct experience of peaceful existence. A feeling that makes alive Cat Steven’s song, Morning Has Broken, “Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven. Like the first dewfall, on the first grass…”

But some people have other issues at the start of day.

During my previous routine walks, there’s this human being who likes to run along with the other joggers and walkers of the park, but with this big difference – he rides on a crappy motorbike. This idiot rides his bike like it’s a horse that he’s giving a full running exercise. He puts on a smiling face and has a lighted cigarette hanging from his mouth while driving his motorbike, lacing the joggers-walkers lane with emissions from his bike’s exhaust pipe.

For a while he was gone, good riddance. I thought he might have figured into something that was dangerous to his health.

Just few days ago, while I was on my regular walking exercise, I heard a familiar sound. Then it passed by my side, that S.O.B. with his smiling face, a lighted cigarette hanging from his mouth, and riding on his motorbike…again. The Ghost Rider has returned.

Indeed, some people have issues – even at the start of day.

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