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An Open Letter

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An Open Letter
24 August 2008

My reply email was interrupted by a brownout amidst my composing thoughts I wanted to convey to our readers at the Mindanews website besides Luwaran website. Hopefully someone from the editorial box of the national dailies (in particular PDI) will pick as news items warranting some space the legal views of lawyers (like me) who represent MILF as the real Party in interest across the GRP-MILF negotiating table.
The series of full page ADS in PDI 08/22/08 and PD 08/23/08 of former senate president Frank M. Drilon simplify and focus on perceived infringements to the 1987 Constitution. Those two Q & A pages make up powerful arguments for the continuing extension of what I call the “colonisibility status” of the Bangsamoro people, posing the matter of immediate infringement as a danger.

If we think rationally out of the maddening reactive anti-Moro sentiments generated by opinion-editorials and hardly balanced media coverage of the Government-MILF peace process, it makes me reflect the ‘triumph of diplomacy’ in our era of postmodern states. [N. B. this phrase is taken from the title of a book on how the Moro rulers of the Magindanaw sultanate and the Sulu sultanate had survived the era of treaty-making with Spain, an imperial power, and Holland, a commercial power, of the time and the United States up to 1916, when President Woodrow Wilson enunciated seminal ideas of the right to self determination.] Thus, there is no occasion to speak of Balkanization of this ungovernable part of the region.

Now the Country (el Pais)—Las Islas Filipinas—has just awakened to the depth of the Bangsamoro legitimate GRIEVANCES. Instead of killing the ideas—the CAUSE (or SABAB)—embodied in the MOA-AD, the representatives of Government must face up to the Agreed Text as STATECRAFT. It vindicates the JUSTNESS of the ORIGINAL POSITIONS to fix in constitutional construct. Traditional Moro negri (statehood) ‘earned sovereignty’ is encapsulated by the Republic in its present form and structure as an autonomous entity presently in existence before the family of nations since 1946.

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Presidential Bad Hair Day

August 19th, 2008 1 comment

Watch the President of the Republic of the Philippines blow her top…

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Press Button to Start

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The first time I put my hands on a computer keyboard, I was already introduced to computer games. Computer games then were simplier and less graphical, and played with an MS-DOS. I can still remember then when digger, tetris, prince of persia, etc…became the main reason for us to voluntarily be deprived of sleep. More advanced versions of video games are then found only on video game arcades in the malls.

Now, computer and video games had become more complex and more graphically enhanced, that it had attained an almost realistic feel and appearance. Also, because PCs and other video game machines can now be easily accessed and owned, most kids had already abandoned traditional kiddy games of run-and-play and hide-and-seek, for the more sedentary activity of playing video games.

Kids nowadays are more knowledgeable on computer and video games than their older folks. In fact, it was my stepson, then 11 years old, who taught me how to play counter strike. My little girl Maia, now already adept in using the computer at the age of four, is now starting to learn the basics of Sim City like games.

I have completely freed myself from being nailed in front of the computer playing games. But if you have the newest FIFA video game, that would be another story.

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An Invitation

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Bambit and I just mounted our gallery in cyberspace.

It is an online gallery where we exhibit photos we took from different occasions, time, place, and on varied subjects and compositions. A collection of digitally captured moments of life on earth and all things therein contained, and how we wanted others to see it.

Come and visit our Gallery On Gaerlan St.

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That LOMO effect

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Lomography is fast becoming a trendy hobby and gaining a wide following especially among young professionals in the Philippines today. I am interested in Lomo, but since I still don’t have those Lomo cams, I’ll just settle to tweaking digital images in photoshop and get the same effect.

I tried an online tutorial from the Digital Photography School, on making a lomo-effect out of an ordinary digital photo. Here’s my attempt:

The original photo of my Maia and Me :

Here’s the image with the LOMO effect via Photoshop:

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