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Just Shoot It.

July 7th, 2008 Comments off

Many years ago when we do field work in the Human Rights NGO that I worked with, we bring with us bulky SLR cameras and rolls and rolls of films. Field work documentation was a most taxing job then. We were so encumbered, because aside from our personal luggages, we are obliged to bring extra bags just for the cameras and films. Also, we could not preview and edit our shots while on field. The nearest dark room is miles away from where we were. In effect, we have to wait for a week or two before we can even take a peek at our shots. Digital cameras were still non-existent during that time.

Now, one can just bring a laptop and the best compact digital camera anywhere and to any field work. Although I still believe in the reliability of the old SLRs, but compact digital cameras can do the job with the same effeciency and effect and with the minimal time spent. Digital cameras make life easier and the results faster. Although I use only an ordinary Kodak digital camera, but it still serves its worth and purpose. It is my ever faithful companion and my best travel digital camera so far.

Before, photography is a cumbersome hobby, not to mention it being an expensive one. You need to have a dark room of your own, rolls and rolls and film and a lot of patience for waiting. That is why, other than those who do it for a living, only few decided to become shutterbugs as a matter of hobby. Now with the introduction of the digital era, almost everybody suddenly becomes photography enthusiasts. Some even consider themselves already photography experts overnight. So, before you jump into the Lomo fad, grab your best digital camera and practice shooting from the hip. Learn how to shoot first without thinking or composing anything – just shoot it.

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My Lodge’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

July 4th, 2008 Comments off

Here’s a YOUTUBE photo-video of the 15th Anniversary Celebration of my Masonic Lodge, Jacques DeMolay Memorial Lodge No.305, Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines.

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