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Our House

July 31st, 2008 Comments off

I am not an engineer or an architect, but what I observed is that, old houses seemed to be more durable than modern houses. I don’t know if it has something to do with structural designs or the materials used, or both.

The house we’re living now is a structure that was built by Bambit’s Dad in the late 1950’s. Hence some of its parts had already seen better days. But, if given close inspection, a lot of it are still in top shape. Just to have a bit of make over and for some repairs, we had renovated the house before we moved in.

The first thing we did upon moving was to fill up our ersatz tool cabinet with necessary tools for home improvement. We were able to gather at least the basic hand tools. Now we can manage to take care with some minor improvements that has to be made, or for some minor fixings. We set our sights next to power tools, like power drills, which makes other works easier, especially that the house is made of hard and sturdy materials.

We still plan to have the house undergo a major renovation and a little redesigning while retaining the house’s old feel. Because since we moved in, most of the comments we get from all our first time visitors is that, they felt relaxed. In fact, they wanted to sleep. Perhaps that is one value that an old house brings – it exudes the aura of an era where life is slow, and time stands still.

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July 29th, 2008 Comments off

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is conducting clearing operations against illegaly placed billboards and signages, including BF’s giant posters. According to DPWH these posters provide nothing beneficial to people but empty slogans. The DPWH had given the MMDA time to do the clearing of the BF Posters, or the DPWH will tear it down themselves.

BF and his Kingdom, known as MMDA, reiterates that they will not remove the posters. Bayani Fernando has responded to the impending demolition of his giant self-imposed advocacy posters, (a.k.a — BF campaign posters) by claiming that his posters do not obstruct traffic and that they are in fact very beneficial to the people because of its messages.

These giant BF posters has not yet been actually blamed as a direct cause of any accident that resulted to death, physical injuries or damage to properties. If there is such, it might present itself as a strong case against BF and or the MMDA. Such case might compel the courts to order the posters illegal, hence must be removed.

But that is physical injury. What if by seeing those BF giant posters on a daily basis, on your way from home to work and back, you develop a certain psychological illness? Too much exposure to these giant BF’s posters might lead one to develop CACOPHOBIA the fear of ugliness.

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“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – YSL

July 26th, 2008 Comments off

It’s different strokes for different folks, when it comes to dresses and get-ups. Some people find choosing what to wear, a very difficult task to perform. While others treat dressing up simply like flagging down the first taxi that appears during rush hour.

I am not a fashionista. I only buy clothes that I’m comfortable with, if it is necessary and within the bounds of my budget. I stroll down the men’s clothes section of a mall if I happen to be just near it. I don’t usually go there on purpose, but only to get a glimpse of whats on the racks and to see if some items would dazzle me. More often, most remain uninteresting.

I grew up in a period when the word metrosexual has not been invented and David Beckham was just starting to kick balls. To be simple and rugged was the in-fashion during our time. Suits were a no-no, unless you’re a pimp or a government agent. Being groovy is defined by shirts and denims or cords for pants, and sneakers or sandals for footwears. The only known accesories before were, a zippo lighter, a bandana or white kerchief, and a Visine or EyeMo eye drops. Our generation’s passion to all things natural like the grass had made the simple smell of Jovan Grass Oil as our choice of scent then.

Whatever is the fashion trend, I remain loyal to simple styles in dressing. After all, fashions fade, style is eternal.

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Aging by Wine

July 18th, 2008 1 comment

Two nights ago I had a drinking bout with a Brother DeMolay who is an old friend-since-childhood. For 16 years now he has been and still is, a Seafarer. He had just came home a month ago from a one year tour of duty. Now he is already looking forward to his next boarding schedule. Hopefully if he passes the recent Deck Officer’s examination, he will then be ranked a Chief Mate of his next ship.

Among other subjects, the most interesting topic of our drinking talk evolved around us getting old. No, we didn’t talked about how time flies fast, and with it our becoming older and a notch wealthier or poorer. We simply talked about how we can measure our irrelevance via our capacity in drinking wine and other beverage. We agree that when we were young we can consume in one sitting the whole content of wine gift baskets. Not even two or three wine gift baskets can stop us from greeting the dawn still standing up. But that was once upon a time, when our blood runs wild.

Now, we’re like two grumpy not-so old men who can’t even last till the last drop of a Tanduay dark rum lapad – our all time favorite. Wine gift baskets for us now have simply become objects for display. We already stopped drinking while there’s still one-eight part left in the bottle of rum. We already felt sleepy at 10:30 in the evening, like little children.

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Happy Feet

July 14th, 2008 Comments off

I agree with the by-word that we are children of our own time. Time progresses and with it new styles, technology, fashion, etc… are introduced. Some of us want to retain the old taste and flavoring we are already familiar with. While many would try to adopt and fit in with what is new. In my experience, these assume manifestations in the way one chooses a pair shoes or footwear.

I have never been a fan, nor appreciated the innovations made on modern shoes, particularly on athletic shoes like basketball shoes. The more the designs innovated. the more it becomes to look like SUVs on feet, than shoes. Amidst the vast choices of shoes with modern designs, I stick to my favorite classic sneakers, the Adidas Stan Smith. I am a loyal fan of the Stan Smith sneakers and I believe no sneakers can beat its simplicity in design and the comfort it gives. Adidas Stan Smith is utterly timeless and will still be in style for as long as there are men of good taste.

Next to sneakers, sandals are my second choice of footwear. I started wearing sandals when I was just a kid and since then I get used to this easy to wear and relaxing footwear. In my life I have owned sandals of different make, design and styles. Aside from those quasi-casual leather made sandals, there are also those made of rubber with Velcro straps. The former I used for a casual day walk, while the latter for trekking rugged terrains.

Indeed, I am a child of my time. I still prefer to wear the kind of footwears which I grew up with. They’re comfy and groovy, and makes my feet happy. Like, I would not exchange a pair of rubber Spartan slippers for a pair of Havaianas. No way, Jose.

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What’s Cooking?

July 10th, 2008 1 comment

Two of my favorite place in a house are the Bedroom and Kitchen. These two places are where human senses and appetites are either indulged and or ensconced. Of the two, I find the Kitchen a most interesting place.

I am not an expert cook, I only know to cook a few recipes which were handed to me by my mom and dad. But when you get a good kitchen with complete appliances, I would like to imagine myself as Ming Tsai or some expert chef when cooking. A nice and complete kitchen enduces me to cook, or should I say inspires me to experiment on some new recipes.

When I was studying in Amsterdam, I was really fascinated by the kitchen and mess hall we have in our school. Adjacent to the kitchen is one big chamber for the storage of cooking supplies and other stock, and inside one can find wall freezers for frozen products. The kitchen got big ranges and ovens and also big dishwashers that can wash and clean up dishes and utensils used by a big party. The main mess hall has three rows of long tables a bit similar to that of the Hogwarts school’s mess hall. Our dormitory’s kitchen and mess hall was made to accommodate a hundred or more users.

With our school’s excellent kitchen, cooking became one of my favorite diversion while studying. I cooked dinner for my classmates of different nationalities, with Filipino cuisine like adobo, paksiw, etc., which they all liked. My European classmates just wouldn’t like to have the fish heads included in the dish. The only problem with volunteering to cook once, is that it eventually becomes your perpetual task.

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Pag-ibig, Pag-iisang dibdib.

July 8th, 2008 Comments off

A member of our family is getting married this Friday. My younger brother Rowley, a.k.a.Bunso is marrying a colleague of his in the progressive left movement – Eva, his “Ka-relas”, or “Karelasyon” in the activist lingo. Bunso is the fourth to get married among our brood of six.

Bunso and Eva will sign their social contract as husband and wife in a civil wedding rites officiated by a Judge of a court of Law and witnessed by citizens of the Republic. We are also informed that after the official civil rites, there is another symbolic ceremony prepared by their colleagues specially for Bunso and Eva. Bambit and I helped in making their wedding invitations (sample below) and the CD collection of songs as their give away souvenir.

Para kay Bunso at Eva:
Mabuhay kayo! at palaging tandaan, mula ngayon hanggang sa tagumpay ng pakikibaka, ang minamahal ay kaagapay at kasama.

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