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Hi-Tech, Low Drag

May 31st, 2008 Comments off

At the time when I entered my first job in the late 80’s and the early 90’s, office equipments were still not that complicated to operate. Early Personal Computer printers require only a ribbon for an ink. It was not much of a hassle to change a ribbon from a dot-matrix printer. But the transition from one ancient form of equipment to the next most modern one was fast and furious and it seem to happen overnight. While we were sleeping, new gadgets and equipments invaded the world.

In the morning we found ourselves sweating over the simplest of tasks, that of changing the toner cartridges of a laser printer. We, the older citizens, took sometime to understand how these new gizmos work. We suddenly find ourselves in a world were every piece of equipment and gadget shrunk but its functions became more complex. What once was a cabinet-sized copier, suddenly shrunk into an equipment that can occupy only the one fourth part of a table. Not only did it shrunk in size, now it assumed at least three tasks into one machine. Amazing how a fax machine, copier and printer is now rolled into one.

Amusingly younger people can handle these equipments easily like they’re just playing with toys, while we sweat and labor hard just to replace inkjet cartridges or toner cartridges. The next time we find ourselves becoming experts with these machines, a new and more complex machine was just delivered into our offices. It’s a Hi-tech world and a low drag me.

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Freemason Vogue

May 31st, 2008 2 comments

What do the Duke of Windsor (left), Clark Gable (center) and these other guys have in common?

They wear aprons for they are all Freemasons. They’re not into the business of world domination.

While conspiracy theorists are busy cooking new stories about how the Freemasons will control the world, a lot of Freemasons would rather indulge themselves in sartorial elegance or concern themselves with the latest Masonic bling blings. Like any ordinary Gentlemen, most Freemasons, especially the new generation of millenial Masons are outrightly stylish.

Most uninformed people would picture a Freemason in the most unfair manner or in some fearsome image, like those we see in horror movies: a cultist who wears a hooded cape worshiping an unknown God, a modern day warlock, or a shadowy figure conspiring for world domination.

But hey, take a look at these stylish masons through history, and meet the millenial Masons, then judge for yourselves. Do they look like they’re out to control the world? Perhaps, controlling the world through charity and in style.

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Thinking of Sweeney Todd

May 30th, 2008 Comments off

I maintain a half-inch, semi-skinhead hairstyle, or should I say, head-style. I used to sport a much hairier head before, but since I shifted to the semi-skinhead cut, I decided to stick to it since then. I find having a less hairy head more comfortable. It’s more practically cooler, not only for its fad value. The only taxing part is that you have to visit your barber regularly just to maintain the right trim. As an accent to the style, I decided to maintain a goatie too. Not a lush, just a fair clump of small hairs perched on my chin.

Due to my regular visits, my Barber and I had developed a kind of ritualistic conversation everytime I step inside the barber shop and sat on his Barber’s chair. He would first greet me with a smile and the usual hi-how-are-you-sir-and-the-missus kind of greetings and I reply with the usual answer. Afterwards in an almost theatrical way he would prepare his barber’s wares; scissors, comb, beard trimmers, etc… Then he would ask me a question which he already know my answer, “the usual cut, sir?” But what i find amusing and at the same time startling is that he always asks me while showing his beard trimmers, if I would like to have my little goatie beard trimmed. He already knew my answer would be a “no,” for the nth time.

I don’t know if it is a second nature for a barber to ask his customer if he wants his beard trimmed or shaven. Everytime he lifts the beard trimmers, I would just smile and tell him no, thank you, before he can ask again. But alas, perhaps the only reason why he keeps on asking me is that he thinks my goatie doesn’t fit my style. Maybe he was just too polite to say that it looked bad on me.

The next time I visit my barber and before he lifts the beard trimmers, I have to ask him that. Or perhaps, if by chance, he knows Sweeney Todd.

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Becks Did it Again!

May 28th, 2008 Comments off

In the movie Love Actually, the Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant), in a press conference, said in part:

“…Britain. We may be a small country but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.”

He must have a good basis for his claim about Becks:

In August of 1996, a young Manchester United midfielder began to make a name for himself on the legendary club. David Beckham struck one of the most impressive goals in years when he scored from beyond the halfway line, with a long and accurate strike that caught Wimbledon goalkeeper Neil Sullivan off his line.

On May 24, 2008, David Beckham again made a 70 yard goal against Kansas City Wizards.

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It’s TRAPO Open Season

May 27th, 2008 Comments off

Technically speaking, year 2010 is still less than two years from now. On May 2010, the Philippine National Election is scheduled. On May 2010 we are to elect a new President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, and local officials from the Provinces down to the Municipalities. Year 2010 is the D-YEAR for politicians of all shades, shape, size, color, kind and breed.

The Greatest Show on our country is still far two years away, but the circus has already started. From now till the last quarter next year will be a free for all season for political gimmickry. Political signs are now fast transforming our landscape. Since it is not yet election campaign period, most clowns hang their protraits as election signs, under the guise of product endorsement. There is even one animal who brazenly and shamelessly used public funds to uglify Metro Manila by putting up his pink political yard signs at the whole stretch of the Metro Rail Track along EDSA. If you’re a Metro Gago, you’ll love this guy.

The trick for this early campaigning are: first, to gain beachhead in the propaganda war, secondly, to test the waters of public acceptability and lastly as basis for horse-trading or to raise the ante (price) in case a potential opponent negotiates for him/her to join a certain ticket or his withdrawal from the electoral race.

Technically speaking, year 2010 is still less than two years from now. But for the kind of politicians we have, less than two years is just like less than two weeks away.

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Finished or unfinished, pass your papers

May 24th, 2008 1 comment

The advancement of technology and advent of the Internet made people predict for a paperless office. Offices will be spared from the clutter and a mountain pile of papers. People will be exchanging notes, messages and other materials through the Internet or some other hi-tech mobile gadgets. The way paper is used will be drastically changed by computers and the electronic communication. But is this so?

Paper will still be around and will definitely stay for a while. People still need paper even if emails, PDA’s, cellphones and laptops have become widely used. Even the mobile businesspeople who carry their data around in little electronic gadgets, find themselves still needing to print their documents. One cannot send wedding invitations without using paper. Receiving birth announcements from close friends in beautiful paper work gives more warm personal touch than getting it through mass email. Imagine holiday photo cards made in metal, wood, plastic and other material, other than that of paper.

A paperless world will eventually come. In the meantime that paperless story remains a fiction we read in magazines that are still made of paper. Perhaps such pursuit is laudable if it is made in the context of saving trees of our world. But if the motivating vision for a paperless world is just another consumerist stint and for capitalist profit, then we will surely miss the paper, equally as we will miss the trees.

The next time you receive a wedding invitation or baby shower invitations, be truly happy.

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Shape Up or Ship Out

May 22nd, 2008 Comments off

If you are rapidly growing old, gaining excess weight and having a sedentary lifestyle and zero physical activity, be wary. They are the risk factors that increase the chances of someone developing diabetes. I must admit that I am one that should be wary and alaramed about it. All these risk factors are staring back at me everytime I look in the mirror.

The last time I was checked up by a Doctor, I got a clean bill of health. I was far from being afflicted with diabetes. But then that was long ago and far away. That was the time when I can still climb mountains and cross provinces via its mountain ranges. Now climbing just three flights up the stairs is not without buckling knees and a bucketful of sweat.

Diabetes has become a silent yet deadly killer. Luckily, there are now a lot of medicines that one can buy over the counter or even through an online Pharmacy. There are even ways that one can determine or detect the chance of having diabetes, like a blood glucose test strips.

But then again the best way to prevent diabetes is not the medicines, fancy meters nor the doctors, it is still that of taking care of yourself. Nothing beats being fit and trim and maintaining healthy habits and lifestyle. Changing a decadent lifestyle may be hard, but think about how it’s like to be being amputated. Which is harder for you?

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