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Happiness is a beautiful wooden plaque

February 27th, 2008 2 comments

My loving wife, Bambit, wanted to give me a gift on the first year anniversary of my raising as a Master Mason – a plaque etched with the timeline of my Masonic journey. She got this idea of a gift from her friend whose company makes fine quality wooden military plaques. Consequently, she had my plaque made by them.

16-inch-mason.jpgFor some reason, the plaque didn’t got to finish on time. After waiting for a while we finally got it. But it’s worth the wait, the anticipation was paid a good price. I now have a beautiful personalized Masonic plaque. It’s a 12″ x 16″ and 3/4 inch thick solid mahogany wood slab. The craftsmanship is noticeably superb. The images and text are finely engraved on the wood slab and not pasted unto it. It’s a 1=1 copy of the design i made for it in photoshop, a what you see is what you get result. A true mark of excellent Pinoy craftsmanship. The artists, artificers and the rest of the workforce of the company who made my plaque is 100% Filipino.

I have the plaque now mounted and prominently displayed on the side wall of our sala, as testimony of my wife’s enduring support to my being a Freemason. To love and care, on the level and upon the square.

Thanks Darling, wub u.

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Liars go to Hell

February 26th, 2008 1 comment

She said it once, twice, now she said it again.

gma.jpgThis is the third, if not the nth time, that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) admitted a lie. The first one was to promise that she will not run as President only to break it later because she believed that the good Lord planned to put her to that position. Next came the Hello Garci controversy, which she denied at first and after a deafening protest, admitted lamely by saying, “I am sorry.” Now the NBN-ZTE deal.

In a radio interview over DZRH, GMA admitted that she knew about the flaws and irregularities of the ZTE contract because she was informed about it on the eve of its signing. Still she proceeded with the signing of the contract without informing the Republic of the Philippines about its irregularities. It took some time before the anomalies of the NBN-ZTE were exposed to the public.

And according to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it was because of the “political noise” brought about by the NBN-ZTE Deal controversy that she was forced eventually to cancel the contract. She made this statement amidst the rising controversy of the NBN-ZTE deal. During this period, GMA’s minions were busy defending the contract and denying all allegations of bribery and corruption surrounding the deal during the Senate hearings.

The cancellation of the contract took some time after it was signed and was done only after the prodding of the Senate and the “political noise” it created. GMA knew all along that the contract was flawed. Right from the start she knew that she signed a flawed contract, and she remained silent about it. She even blamed the expose made by the NBN-ZTE deal whistle blowers as mere “political noise” instigated by the opposition. Now the truth is out.

If once cured of his sudden amnesia, Romulo Neri will say he said right that GMA is evil. For what can be more evil than a person who can lie barefacedly and admits to the lie only once the cat is out of the bag. But even then, still has the audicity to twist the truth in order to justify the lie. Such exceptional ability to lie comes second only to the Devil himself, whose greatest lie ever told was that of convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

She said it once, twice, thrice and she will say it again, until we say ENOUGH.

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Parlez vous?

February 25th, 2008 Comments off

Just when I thought that nothing was free on the Internet and that knowledge always came with a price, I came across this site where you can learn to speak French!

The site provides pronounciation guides, grammar and phraseology, arranged by Topic so that you can specialize in some areas that you think you need improvement on. It even has actual conversational guides that you can use for practice.

The site is predominantly text so pages load quickly, with hardly any waiting for the content to be seen. This is a great site for beginners who may not have the time to go to actual classes.

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Just Another Sunday

February 24th, 2008 Comments off

The corridors of power are busy this Sunday in fulfilling both their religious and political obligations, and as is often the case the combination of both. Religious in a sense that they attend mass and pray that they may get a good shot of this another Photo ops stint. Political, because for sure they are actually up into something else other than praying. Ah, for the benefit of the doubt, they might be really praying hard. Praying for a miracle or some divine intervention on a most unfavorable scenario for them, that of another EDSA uprising which might commence tomorrow.

sundaychurch_gmanogy_200.jpg Here’s Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her new Speaker of the House of Representatives, Congressman Prospero Nograles in a picture depicting the deep religiosity of our politicians, praying together in a mass held inside the palace. Here are the two persons in Philippine politics who share a common illusion of being chosen by God. Not so long ago, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said on being President, “I believe that I am here because that is the plan of God for me and for us.” Just recently on a similar note, Nograles just minutes after being proclaimed Speaker of the House said, “It’s God’s will. It’s probably my destiny.”

Now another political storm is heading their way, both Gloria and Nograles need all the favors they can get from their God.

swimming.jpgMeanwhile, in the land of ordinary mortals, my family especially our little princess Maia, enjoyed a swimming party of her cousin Rafael James “RJ” Gaerlan’s 2nd Birthday at Dream Land Resort in Caloocan. It was only Maia’s second time to swim on a pool since she was less than a year old, yet she showed no fear only much enthusiasm.

Click here to go to Bambit’s blog for more story and photos of our Sunday.

I signed up for PPP!

February 24th, 2008 Comments off

Just as when I was worried about switching jobs and a possible stalling of income, I discovered payperpost. It’s something I never thought possible until now, to be paid to sit and blog about things I like to blog about.

I had heard about other bloggers who went pro-blogging in 2005, and that there were a few who actually quit their regular jobs to do nothing but write in their blogs. There was one who wrote that he had bought a new car from his earnings, another who quit being a lawyer because lawyering did not pay as much as pro-blogging. I really never went into the nitty-gritty of the business, since my family had just moved back to Manila and I was busy with the changing dynamics of the job I had at the time.

Now I have learned firsthand that it is possible to earn money without leaving the comfort of my home, just by sitting in front of my computer doing two things I very much like doing, surfing the Internet and writing about what I find.

It may be too good to be true, but as far as I understand I don’t have to blog about things that I don’t really know anything about. I’ve also read that PayPerPost has been getting a bit of flak from Google, but I’m for honest work for honest pay. PayPerPost allows me to do that.

Viva EDSA!!

February 23rd, 2008 Comments off

In the next few days, events will unfold which might lead into yet another conjuncture in the Philippine political history. These critical set of circumstances is brought about by the NBN-ZTE scandal which once again implicates the GMA administration.

On Monday, rallies calling for GMA’s ouster/resignation will be held simultaenously in various locations in Metro Manila. GMA’s minions will also mount similar activities by promising to mobilize a million warm bodies in Metro Manila to demonstrate support for GMA.

edsa5.jpgMany are already cynical to EDSA-like Regime change, but there are still those who believe that such exercises are the ultimate expression of democracy.

I am one of those who believe that our two EDSA revolutions did not accomplish the desired change for the betterment of our people. This gives me enough reason to be disgusted about EDSA 1 and 2. However, I do not subscribe to the idea nor advocate the call that people should stop exercising EDSA-like revolutions. On the contrary, I advocate EDSA-like uprisings.

If there is one great lesson that our EDSA experience had taught us, it is that an uprising is a potent weapon that people can utilize in changing governments. Only that next time when an upheaval is in the offing, let’s make sure that the ones leading it are the masses, and not the vacilating Middle Class, the Church, the traditional politicians, and not even the extreme left. History had shown us that these groups were the ones who sacrificed the gains of EDSA for their selfish interests.

I will join this “new and improved EDSA” on Monday, if only to express my disgust and condemnation over the present regime. I would still join more EDSA’s to come in the future until finally the Filipino People would realize that in order to effect real change, it should change not only the leadership of government, but the whole socio-economic and political system of our country.

Until then, let’s make a hundred EDSAs bloom!

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Geeks (in BDUs) rule!

February 21st, 2008 1 comment

Kuya and Maia in BDUsBeing a computer geek has its advantages, one of which is the chance to raise more geeks and eventually conquer the world. My teen-aged geek stepson is a war tactician of the meanest calibre, and can change history with a few mouse clicks or key presses, in his army jacket while sitting in the comfort of his own room. This, for his mother, is better than having him trudge off to the nearest gaming centre and out of my sight. Well worth gearing him up in authentic army uniforms even. Hey, if my daughter can dress up in her princess gowns and play happy ever after, her brother can out play any general in his BDUs.

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