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Xmas, Football and the 168 Mall

December 19th, 2006

Bambit and I made some Christmas shopping at 168 Mall in Divisoria late this afternoon. It was both our first time to go to that popular and populist mall at Divisoria. And we have proven true what most people say, that if you need to buy Christmas Gifts and other sundries at a very low price, Divisoria’s 168 Mall is the place to go. Besides the bargain price, one added value of this mall is that you can find rare items which you couldn’t find in big and fancy malls. I use to collect replica Football Jerseys which I bought in Bangkok during my several trips there before. Who could have thought that I can find cheaper and Class A quality replica Football jerseys just in 168 Divisoria!! Bambit and I accidentally found a booth that sells all sort of football mania stuff (jerseys, club pins, balls, posters, scarves, etc…) just when we were about to leave the mall.So we hauled all the stuff our remaining budget can still provide, and for a total of only 1,500 pesos, we were able to buy a complete set of 2005-2006 UEFA Champions League Club Logo pins and four Class A Jerseys!! We were conspicously happy with our buying that the owner of the booth, the friendly Mr. Tsai, shared our delight and gave us a key-chain (a rubberized Brazil Team Jersey of Ronaldo) as a Christmas gift.

Divisoria’s 168 Mall is indeed a happy shopper’s mall.


A picture of a satisfied and happy 168 shoppers and MADRIDista Couple :) Bambit and I in our 168 prize catch – a Real Madrid Away Jersey.

Read more of our 168 shopping adventure at Bambit’s blog.

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