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The Same Banana

February 26th, 2006

monkey_with_banana.jpgProclamation 1081 and Proclamation 1017 are almost identical that even the Chief of Staff of the AFP fumbled on it not once but twice.

Gen. Generoso Senga declared in a dzMM radio interview, “This morning, I issued a guidance to all commanders down the line so they would know the guidance in the implementation of Proclamation 1081, as well as general orders we received from our commander in chief.” Earlier, asked about the implementing guidelines he issued during a command conference earlier, Senga referred to “Proclamation 1081” as he enumerated the guidelines.

Senga or any enforcer of Proclamation 1017 might from time to time commit the same mistake, but they can just correct the slip by simply shifting to the correct numbers. But perhaps Senga is not mistaken afterall because he knows that, to use a military parlance, “it’s the same banana”.

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