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Football is FREE

June 18th, 2006

Watching the World Cup has taken the best part of my blogging time. This means I have to be awake from 9:00PM till 5:00AM for three matches straight. This means I have to put blogging at the moment in the back burner. But I’m a happy man, I never expected that I can watch World Cup matches live. I’m watching a Live match while I’m writing this post. (oh, Ghana just scored a an early goal against Czech Republic just a minute in the openning of their match.)

All along I thought I would just settle on watching replay matches. In order to watch live matches on Cable you have to pay your provider with 6K for a Pay Per View subscription. No way Jose!

Bambit saved the day. She was able to discover an internet TV where live World Cup matches are being shown. But since it’s an American channel, one has to live with Americans doing football commentaries. You get confused whether you’re watching football or the NBA when you hear them bawl “hey guys, shoot that ball! shoot that ball!”. You have to endure listening to them repeating the word Soccer instead of Football. Quite a disorienting and annoying sound byte if one is used to listening European football commentators. But hey, it doesn’t matter even if its George Bush on the mike. Beggars can’t be choosers. What matters is now Bambit and I can watch the World Cup together without paying a singkong duling. Football is free.

…another goal by Ghana!! it’s now 2 nil…….

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