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A Bed Weather Treat

May 15th, 2006

Last Saturday evening while typhoon Caloy was pouring rain and blowing gusty winds over Metro Manila, I was glued on the TV set watching, what else – Football. But it was not any ordinary Football match, it was a live telecast of the FA Cup Final match between Liverpool FC and West Ham United. A match that will go down as one of the greatest in the competition’s 134-year history. Liverpool FC repeated the drama it played during last year’s UEFA Champions League Finals by winning the match via a penalty shoot-out.

Gerrard2nd_H1.jpgThe match started with West Ham United getting the first score courtesy of a Liverpool own goal and then earning its second score by a shot on goal. Liverpool managed to tag along by scoring their first goal before the first half ended. Liverpool started the second half with an equalizer by Steven Gerrard. But West Ham United immediately got the lead again by shooting another goal making the score 3-2. As the second half comes to a close and while West Ham United fans were already celebrating their imminent victory, the miracle of the match happened. Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard suddenly scored a goal equalizing the score to 3-3 as the clock marked exactly 90 minutes with an added 1 minute injury time – just a whistle away to full time. A 30 minute extra-time was played still resulting to a 3-3 standstill. The rest is already history. Liverpool lifted the FA Cup after defeating West Ham United in a sudden death penalty shoot out.

This FA Cup finals had shown that England is already warming up for the World Cup next month. BBC has recorded a peak of 11 million viewers who watched the FA Cup finals on BBC. According to BBC these figures are only for viewers who watched the match at home, and do not include those who saw it in pubs or clubs or from other channels. I wonder how many in the Philippines were able to watch the match? Perhaps a thousand, I wish.

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  1. mario
    July 8th, 2006 at 15:33 | #1

    aye mate gud 2 hear a footie supporter of liverpool in this lonesome world dominated by basketball.. yes mate i was able to watch the match and all other match on the premiership!!!it was the best fa match i had seen and another superb performance from stevie gee “the king”…hoping for another gud season for the reds..hehehe is there any chance that they can bring back michael owen again??!! so sad though about his injury but hey..he is a great striker!!!

    are you in manila?

    mario (mar_matis@yahoo.com.ph)

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