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Vive la difference!

May 8th, 2006 4 comments

My take on the issue about the Filipino boy in Canada punished by his school’s director and berated for eating like a pig by using spoon and fork, is that it is a case of racial discrimination. Plain and simple. I don’t see any justifiable reason about the director’s action and reprehensible comments. I find it even stupid to use the adage “when in Rome do what the Romans do” to justify the wrongdoing and cover up the racial slur over the issue. Pigs don’t eat with spoon and fork. By using Pig to describe people who doesn’t eat the continental way smacks of racism in its most despicable form. Although I believe that not all Canadians are racists. Canada is known to be a country far more tolerant to immigrants than the US, but ironically Quebec is known to be a place where Racism is socially acceptable and where everybody assumes you’re an asshole.

A lot has already been said about the issue. I would like to share my thoughts against racism through this song by one of my favorite folk music group, the trio of Peter Yarrow, Paul Stookey, and Mary Travers, otherwise known as PPM. I thought all along that PPM has already faded into history. I never heard of them for a long time. But thanks to the internet and of course the You Tube, I found out that they are still singing their songs and even making new ones like this song entitled All Mixed Up which they made in 1990’s. Watching this video transported me back to the past when I used to jam with my old buddies singing PPM songs. Though they obviously looked like Lolos and Lola already but their music hasn’t changed a bit, their songs remain upbeat, cheerful and very meaningful.

So to all of you Racists out there better sing along and learn.

All Mixed Up
Peter, Paul & Mary

You know this language that we speak,
Is part german , latin and part greek
Celtic and arabic all in a heap,
Well amended by the people in the street
The choctaw gave us the word okay;
Vamose is a word from mexico way.
And all of this is a hint I suspect of what comes next.

I think that this whole world
Soon mama my whole wide world
Soon mama my whole world
Soon gonna be get mixed up.
Soon mama my whole world
Soon mama my whole wide world
Soon mama my whole world
Soon gonna be get mixed up.

I like polish sausage, I like spanish rice,
And pizza pie is also nice
Corn and beans from the indians here
Washed down by german beer
Marco polo traveled by camel and pony,
He brought to italy, the first macaroni
And you and I as well we’re able,
We put it all on the table


There were no red-headed irishmen
Before the vikings landed in ireland
How many romans had dark curly hair
Before they brought slaves from africa?
No race of man is completely pure,
Nor is anyone’s mind, that’s for sure
The winds mix the dust of every land,
And so will woman and man.


This doesn’t mean we will all be the same,
We’ll have different faces and different names
Long live many different kinds of races
It’s a difference of opinion that makes horse races
Just remember the rule about rules, brother
What could be right for one could be wrong for the other
And take a tip from la belle france: Vive la difference!


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Best Way to Spend a Weekend

May 7th, 2006 4 comments

I consider every weekend as special family days. I don’t schedule meetings during these days except for some very important matters that really needs my attendance. Except for occasional family outing, we don’t usually go out during weekends. We spend our weekends more at home by doing together just about anything, like cleaning our aquariums, cooking, watching football on TV or some DVD movies and sitting in front of the computer coaching Maia playing the interactive Nickelodeon online games. Nothing really beats the joy of spending time with your loved ones.

Here’s Bambit, Maia and myself enjoying our weekend playing with a Logitech Video Camera Bambit installed in my laptop computer. Here’s our latest family protrait.

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World Cup Fever

May 5th, 2006 Comments off

As the anticipation and preparations for World Cup 2006 goes fever pitch, football fans around the world are now preparing their list of teams to root for and players to watch. Here’s mine:

My teams: (The usual favorites. Most likely to reach the semi-finals and finals)


But of course, I will still be cheering for:

Australia – With Guus Hinddink as Coach, Australia is a team to reckon.

My list of players to watch (A partial list of mostly my favorite old stars. Although this year’s World Cup will set the stage for the debut of a new generation of promising players.):

1. Ronaldinho (Bra)
2. Ronaldo (Bra)
3. Robinho (Bra)
4. Adriano (Bra)
5. Oliver Khan (Ger)
6. Michael Ballack (Ger)
8. Hernan Crespo (Arg)
9. Javier Saviola (Arg)
10. David Beckham (Eng)
11. Michael Owen (Eng)
12. Francesco Totti (Ita)
13. Gianluca Zambrotta (Ita)

PS: I would like to drumbeat the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2006 by dedicating my sidebar for news and updates about events and happenings leading to Germany. All news are RSS feeds from the news and features content of the official FIFA World Cup website. Read the news and updates and feel the heat rising as the World Cup 2006 drama unfolds.

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O Rei

May 3rd, 2006 7 comments

It’s now 36 days before the FIFA World Cup 2006 kicks off in Germany. After four years, the whole world will once again focus its attention to the world’s most beautiful game where 32 National Teams compete in 64 Games for only One Prize.

Unfortunately unlike the rest of world, football is not much appreciated in the Philippines. While everyone around the globe is already struck with the World Cup fever, the Philippines is still stuck to developments in Pinoy Big Brother. Perhaps we can easily put the blame to our Yankee Legacy. I can only think of one reason why football is not popular in the Philippines – because it’s not Uncle Sam’s favorite game. Most pinoys adore Uncle Sam’s favorite games – throwing balls in the basket and invading other countries.

The only consolation we can get is that while almost everyone is not unfamiliar with the NBA, when it comes to football at least there’s still a few who knows about Pele no matter how trifle. This is the only thing that we share in common with planet football, the recognition of Pele as the undisputed and still reigning O Rei – the King of Football.

Here’s a video clip reliving the greatness of Pele playing the “Beautiful Game”.

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