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The reason why CPR is illegal!

April 28th, 2006 Comments off

This news report is the basis of the Supreme Court’s ruling declaring the Government’s policy on Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) illegal and unconstitutional. Watch and listen closely to what this reporter has to say:

Gets mo?

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A Great Way to fly

April 24th, 2006 6 comments


Bambit just arrived from Singapore after a 3 day business trip. Her pasalubong for Maia is a beautiful baby Singapore Airlines stewardess uniform. Maia immediately put it on and gladly posed for a photo shoot. “Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly”.

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Eksenang Airport

April 20th, 2006 5 comments

Hinatid ko si Bambit sa airport kaninang umaga para sa biyahe nya for Singapore. Nang makapasok na siya sa loob to check in, nagpalipas pa muna ako ng ilang minuto na nakatambay sa labas habang inuubos ko yosi ko. Bigla na lang may kumalabit sa balikat ko na isang babaeng hindi ko kilala.

Banggit nya, “Puwede pong pagamit ng celphone nyo? may tatawagan lang po akong kasama ko”

Nagulat ako sa bigla nyang pagkalabit sa akin pero mas lalo akong nagulat sa request nya. Sa pagkagulat ko pinaulit ko pa sya, “ano kamo?”

…at tama nga ang narinig ko…

“Puwede pong pagamit ng celphone nyo? may tatawagan lang po akong kasama ko”, ulit nya sabay turo sa nakabukol sa tagiliran ko.

Bwakanangenang babae to, sa isip ko lang anong akala nya sa akin “Public Phone Booth?”.

Sagot ko sa kanya, “Sorry miss, hindi celphone to, baril to”. Pero hirit-kulit pa rin siya, “sige na ho, imposible naman hong may baril kayo pero wala kayong celphone, saglit lang naman tawag ko eh mga 1 minute lang”.

Lumingon lingon ako sa paligid baka kako set-up ito nang “Bitoy’s Funniest Video” o nang “Wow Mali” pero wala namang signs na may kumukuhang Camera sa amin. Hindi rin naman siya mukhang Ativan Queen at bakit nya naman ako dedengoyen e mas mukha pa akong sindikato kesa sa katabi kong kalbo!

Ang huling asar-hirit ko na lang sa kanya, “Hija, nakita mo yang Hapon na yan, (Sabay turo sa isang Hapon na bagong dating at mukhang wala pang hilamos), sa kanya ka na lang makitawag baka ibigay nya pa pati celphone nya sa yo”.

Laking gulat ko ulit nang bigla na lang siyang humalakhak, “Ay, siya ho ang kasama kong tatawagan ko sana, sige po” sabay sibat.

Tsk, mga eksena nga naman sa airport oo.

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Viva Ronaldinho!

April 20th, 2006 5 comments

ronaldinho1framed.jpgThe great Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has once again showed the world why he is three times and currently FIFA World Player of the Year and also presently holder of the title as European Player of the Year. The Catalan team, FC Barcelona humbled Italy’s AC Milan in their home stadium at San Siro in a stirring first leg semi-final UEFA Champions league match. It was the first home defeat for Milan in nearly three years of European competition.Barca secured the only goal for the match. But no it was not Ronaldinho’s goal. Barca’s only goal was delivered by the Frenchman striker Ludovic Guily. So why Ronaldinho?

Since football is a team sport, a good football player is distinguished not only by individual scoring feats. It is also measured by one’s mastery in the art of playing set-pieces or providing good oppurtunity for the team to score a goal. Ronaldinho is master on both counts.

Right from the start of the match AC Milan made sure that Ronaldinho could not come close as to make any attempt to shoot at goal. Ronaldinho was closely marked by the Italian’s defense. But such maneuver didn’t handicapped Ronaldinho. The footballing genius of Ronaldinho took such manuevers against him as an oppurtunity to gain an openning for his teammates to attack. With awesome magical skill on ball control Ronaldinho enticed AC Milan’s defense to close in on him leaving his other teammates free. That was how Barca scored a goal against a tight and effective AC Milan’s line of defense. Ronaldinho effortlessly passed the ball in the most precise angle for Guily to strike it straight to the goal.

Their second leg semi-final match is surely another exciting match to watch. With just one more game separating them from the Paris final, Barca are enjoying a truly impressive run in the Champions League. Everyone in planet football is looking forward to a UEFA Champions League Grand final match in Paris between Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal FC and Frank Rijkaard’s FC Barcelona. But with Ronaldinho’s genius I’m pretty sure that Barca will be the next title holder of the UEFA Champion’s League.

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I’ve got mail

April 16th, 2006 3 comments

I’ve already heard about email scams for quite sometime now but this is the first time that I actually got one:

Date: Apr 16, 2006 5:29 PM
Subject: Money Transfer Information from account# 1978248331000

Plot 142 road,
Port Harcourt


I am Dr. Brian Kumalo from Africa.I am 44 years old and happily married with three lovely children.A banker by profession and also a christian by religion.

I dont know you,but I got your email contact from my web directories and was moved to contact you in due time for your permission and kind help before proceeding.My aim of writing to you this business letteris based on the fact that I want to invest what i recently discovered in my bank
in your country which involves a lot of money($10.7 million United States dollars cash) which belonged to late Mr Andrew Philips an American with account number 1978248331000 and this is why I have contacted you as a stranger so as to be sure this money leaves the shores of my country in Africa for good.As an assistant,I propose 20% to you.

It is not really my policy to discuss the nature of my business online on
the first day till you show interest in this deal.Please feel free to get
back to me for further details as I await your reply in earnest.

Dr Brian Kumalo


Of course I didn’t reply to this email. But If I did, here’s how it’s going to be:

Dear Dr. Ku(pal)malo,

Ilara ta tits, butete kang dako!
By the way, are you related to James Bond?


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A world without mirrors

April 11th, 2006 4 comments

I have made a blog once about how our little ones can lead us in discovering life’s simple pleasures. I should say that it’s not only life’s simple pleasures but also great lessons in life.

Just this morning my baby Maia again led me into another great discovery. She insisted for me to sit with her and watch her favorite morning show at Nickelodeon Jr channel. There was this short musical cartoon (ala MTV) that really impressed me. It’s a song sung by the musical group Sweet Honey in the Rock about the influence adults have in forming attitudes of respect and wonder in their children and grandchildren.

No Mirrors In My Nana’s House
(Lyrics by Ysaye Maria Barnwell (c)1992)

There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
There were no mirrors in my Na’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
And the beauty that I saw in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).

I never knew that my skin was too black.
I never knew that my nose was too flat.
I never knew that my clothes didn’t fit.
I never knew there were things that I’d missed,
cause the beauty in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun);
…was in her eyes.

There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
And the beauty that I saw in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).

I was intrigued by the cracks in the walls.
I tasted, with joy, the dust that would fall.
The noise in the hallway was music to me.
The trash and the rubbish just cushioned my feet.
And the beauty in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).
…was in her eyes.

There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
And the beauty that I saw in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).

The world outside was a magical place.
I only knew love.
I never knew hate,
and the beauty in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).
…was in her eyes.

There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house,
no mirrors in my Nana’s house.
And the beauty that I saw in everything
was in her eyes (like the rising of the sun).

“Chil’, look deep into my eyes.”
“Chil’, look deep into my eyes.”

Imagine it – a world without mirrors, where we would not see ourselves reflected as too anything – fat, skinny, plain, pretty, white, black, rich, poor. Perhaps if we were mirrored only in the eyes of those who loved and cherished us, we would have less need to put others “in their place” or to carry on with our prejudices, grudges, hatreds, and fears.

Indeed, we come to realize that we are more our children’s pupils than we are teachers to them. If only we follow what they teach us.

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In a New York (Times) State of Mind

April 7th, 2006 3 comments

The recent New York Times Editorial reads:

Filipinos thought they had put an end to electoral chicanery and governmental intimidation when they overthrew the Marcos dictatorship two decades ago. Unfortunately, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has completely lost touch with the ideals that inspired that 1986 “people power” movement.

Yes Virginia, it’s the New York Times. And yes, Sec. Gonzales couldn’t cite them for inciting to sedition…harharhar…

If anything, this editorial clearly states the fact that the US or some of its influential institutions are not happy the way GMA is running the show for Uncle Sam. Although the editorial says that “Mrs. Arroyo is no Ferdinand Marcos”, but it adds, “at least not yet”. Its succeeding statement however, shows that GMA has a strong tendency of becoming one.

Not only that, the editorial also called the attention of Dubya to warn GMA that she is undermining a hard-won democracy thus making Philippines a country far more vulnerable to terrorist pressures. When the US uses the keyword “terrorism” in the context of the Philippines, for them it also means the communist insurgency.

This NY Times editorial is not only a slight dissing, it is a serious warning for GMA. Everyone knows that Philippine politics is very much tied to US interests. Somehow, the US acting very much like a Pinoy’s Big Brother, decides on who’s in or out. Marcos received Uncle Sam’s eviction notice after he became the number one recruiter for the NPA. This time, Uncle Sam has an inkling to believe that GMA is just doing the same. Although the NY Times editorial comes only as the sharpest criticism against GMA but it is not the first time that the US expressed its doubts and criticism on GMA. Preceding this editorial was the statement released by the US giving GMA a polite caution when she delared PP 1017.

Now if other US institutions will follow suit soon, then its a sure signal for GMA to start packing up.The skies are now getting cloudy for GMA and Company.

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