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The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye

June 9th, 2005

Taking cue from Jove’s post When does “Hello” mean Goodbye?, here’s my take about the recent GMA’s tapped phone conversation controversy.

Spliced or not, doctored or original, legal or illegal, it came from the opposition or hell is no longer the issue. These are only peripherals surrounding the core issue. The government wanted us to circle around these peripheries so as to confuse the real issue behind a scandal they themselves had brought forth. DOJ Sec. Gonzalez in his usual bizarre sense of justice now wants to hit the messenger not the message. Gonzales has just issued a warning to arrest even without warrant anyone distributing or airing continously the taped conversation. On the other hand, NBI Chief Wycoco is in charge of entertaining the public about the wonders of modern technology. While the National Security Council has raised the issue of the tape as a threat to national security. And of course, there is always that run-of-the-mill destabilization fairytale to cap it all and put the public to sleep.

But no amount of argumentation along these lines can alter the facts. Beyond the legalese, beyond the techno-babble, beyond the wild goose chase, the phone conversation speaks for itself. This phone conversation has placed in the forefront the question of GMA’s moral ascendancy as President of the Republic. Here you have a President vested with the powers and the advantage of incumbency directly micro-managing an electoral exercise of which she was running for re-election. What more can this explicitly depict if not a disgraceful act equally scandalous as the implication of other members of the first family receiving jueteng payolas.

In Japan, a scandal of this proportion will lead disgraced Public Officials to resign or opt for a bloodier exit into the bottomless pit.

But this is the Philippines. Public officials here no longer need the company of the devil because they’re already running the country like hell. But then again, it is also in the Philippines where two People Power ended the rule of a dictator and a corrupt actor President.

Hearing GMA’s Helloes in that phone conversation and thinking about where this event is leading to brings to mind Sergio Mendez’s song, The Trouble With Hello is Goodbye.

We have already heard the Hello; the Goodbye might just happen soon.

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  1. June 9th, 2005 at 02:51 | #1

    AMEN, SAM…amen!

  2. June 9th, 2005 at 04:44 | #2

    Say “sepuku” or “hara-kiri”…Sorry, wrong country…

  3. June 9th, 2005 at 12:50 | #3

    Hi TITO SAM, off topic, nakalimutan ko ibigay sayo URL ni Nikki, yung nabanggit ko na kamag-anak nakilala ko sa blogging. Anyways, eto ang exchange of messages namin (check this out)

    About your entry…”HELLO!” (ala kris aquino na nakakaasar na hello!) isa na naman ba itong kalokohan ng mga arroyo? akala nila madaling lokohin ang mga pilipino. haaay buhay!

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