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Lapse in Judgment

June 30th, 2005

After deciding to abstain from blogging for a while because of my work uberload, I just couldn’t resist writing something about the latest political brouhaha. While in Mindanao for a work mission, my colleagues and I watched in our field office the live telecast of GMA’s speech last monday. After her speech, a babel of indignation and curses flew from all corners of our cramped office in Lanao. In the morning after that sorry speech, the airwaves of Lanao was flooded with commentaries calling for GMA’s resignation.

What’s new about GMA’s admission? It took no less than GMA’s Press Secretary Bunye to admit first that it was GMA. Soon, every Filipino who heard the tape knew that it was GMA. Now after a long silence, perhaps hoping that the controversy will die down if ignored, GMA has finally admited that it was indeed her. After a long period of stonewalling, and after only being prodded by some of her cabinet members GMA finally gave in. Her speaking out was not an act driven by conscience, it was a matter of political expediency. According to the PCIJ’s blog entry, “hawks and doves”, the members of her cabinet who urged her to speak out hinted quitting their posts if the President wouldn’t do so.

In the side, the speech was supposed to be live but according to jove, it took PGMA 30+ takes to perfect the SORRY SPEECH. Ah but then, even it takes her 100+ takes it wouldn’t get the effect for an argumentum ad misericordiam that it hoped to achieved. Only the rabid apologists of the status quo and those who have interests to protect praised GMA for what she did. GMA’s mea culpa according to her lapdogs was a mark of true leader, a gesture of bravery. Bravery my foot! She didn’t even have the guts to tell who was the COMELEC official she talked to. To borrow Conrad de Quiros’ words, “If she had resigned after admitting being the voice on the tape, that would have been an act of courage. But she did not. These are not acts of bravery, these are acts of knavery

GMA and her apologists would like us to believe that there’s nothing wrong with the President calling a COMELEC official. After all she did it just to protect her votes. In her speech GMA said she wanted to protect her votes while at the same time proclaiming that she’s already sure of her victory thanks to NAMFREL and company. What was she protecting when she’s already sure of winning? Why would she be calling Garcillano asking about votes in Mindanao when Garcillano’s post during the election was Region IV and not Mindanao? GMA and her cohorts simply doesn’t run out of stupid things to say. They all share a common line of thought, they always have “lapse in judgment”. But for the likes of Secretary Gonzales it’s a case of “laughs in judgment”.

GMA thinks she can fool us and get away easily with this mess by playing a Clintonesque charade. She’s wrong. She should have followed Nixon instead.

To err is human, to quit, resign.

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  1. dops
    June 30th, 2005 at 13:29 | #1

    nice blog! nice commentary too!

    Yes, i admit, the best thing for her to do is resign, once and for all.

    SI GMA AY NAKAKAHIYA! – to put it simply.

  2. June 30th, 2005 at 18:31 | #2

    nice quote!!! that should be a bumper sticker…

  3. July 1st, 2005 at 11:16 | #3

    Pag di sya nag resign, may impeachment kaya na mangyayari? Ala-People Power? Sino naman ang papalit sa kanya? May malasakit naman kaya sa pamilyang Pilipino ang papalit kay Gloria? Mga katanungang bumabagabag po sa aking isipan.

    Tito Sam, thank you for joining our “cyberclass” birthday party. I really appreciate your presence.

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