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Finding Samuel Bilibit

January 29th, 2005

What is going to be my blog name? This is the first question that came to my mind when I decided to go blogging the world. For a trying-hard pretending-to-be-a-writer like me it was almost a painful exercise of imagination… a nicotine and caffeine overloaded trip.

But before the question what, is the question how to name my blog. How should one name a blog? My idea is that bloggers usually baptize their blog with names that would mirror an impression of their real or assumed persona. Others prefer to name their blog after a favorite song, movie or phrase while some name their blogs at random, after what comes first to their mind. The most common are diaries, notes, journal or simply a my-name blog. Blog names range from serious and formal, cryptic, subliminal, mystic, gothic, indigenous, vulgar to humorous.

I started by combining all. In an attempt to arrive at a nice blog name I made a long list of names. A usual exercise one does in naming babies, a business enterprise or a pet. I came up with a short list of the following mixed bag of names:

Katapusang Singgit sa Amang, Aping Daldal, Kanto Tiño, Sa lilim ng punong manga, Conversations with Jack Daniels, Blog Bath, Lamang Utak, Isipang Buntis, Panuhot, Careless Whispers, Blah blah blog, Sangplatitong Mani, Duha Singko, Pasakalye, Write of Passage, Ingon Nako / Sabi ko, Oh my Blog!, Human Writes, In my own Write, Observatory of Musings, Fire and Rant, Up on the Roof, Stilled Life, Thoughts without borders, An Open Book/Blog, Matter of fact, The Grapevine, All in day, Bottom Line, Blog line, In Cold Blog, Catch 22, Of Blog and Shadows, Tore ni Babel, Thinking out blog!, Blog ko to, Basta Lang, Talk you very much!, Talks of Life, Ang Kartero, The World as seen from a Broken Window, Tales from the dark side, Tales and other stories, Tales from a small planet, Bed Time Stories, and Telling it to the Sharks.

I googled and found some of these names already being used as blog names or as websites. So again I made a final shortlisting and appraisal of each name. I was thinking that since a blog is simply a journal of ones personal experiences and perceptions about life, people, events, angst, ethos, likes, dislikes, etc…I settled for three qualifiers that would become the basis for my final selection. First it should be a local sounding name since I am 100% pinoy – a tagalog and cebuano speaking citizen of bayang magiliw. Next is my penchant for native esoteria and allegorical symbolism (read:mahilig sa mga kuwento ni Lola Basyang). And last, it should be a name of any ordinary person which I can use as my nom de plume.

So it was, high-fallutin literati and philosophical names that boosted more pretensions to my already being a pretending-to-be-writer self were eliminated. I decided to settle for the down to earth name for my blog. A name that can easily be identified by people of my own kind, – the bisaya (a term now commonly used by most tagalogs implying anything that connotes being probinsiyano, stupid and ignorant).

Then I found Samuel Bilibit. Samuel Bilibit is a distinct visayan myth of a man who was cursed to walk on the face of the earth till the end of time. Ask any bisdak (bisayang dako) and he knows Samuel Bilibit as easily as he knows Esteban Escudero of the Manok ni San Pedro fame. Samuel Bilibit is a wanderer and according to the myth he still exists and is walking with us. Samuel Bilibit is the subliminal symbolism of the never ending pilgrimage of humanity on earth.

Samuel Bilibit can be you, the passenger riding next to you in the LRT, the siga sa kanto, the brightest in your class, the mambabalot, tubero, the next star quest winner, the kotong cop, ang bading sa parlor, etc…

I found Samuel Bilibit because perhaps I am Samuel Bilibit and “Some will Believe It”.

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  1. January 30th, 2005 at 22:40 | #1

    This is very clever. I’ll be back.

  2. January 31st, 2005 at 06:27 | #2

    bilibit or not, samuel bilibit is a nice title for a blog.

  3. April 12th, 2007 at 11:45 | #3

    ..is there really some written stories, fables or whatever reagarding this fellow…i remember hearing the name from some tomador dun sa may labasan when i was a kid ( im one of the tomador now ), ” si Samuel Bilibit, ang taong walang umay”..in which as i understand as referring to sex..since then, for me, he became a stature just like Juan Tamad and Batman… i came upon your blog because i just thought the web would have something about samuel.. its only now i came to know that he was a Visayan folklore…

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