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Call Center Applicants Bloopers Part 1

March 10th, 2005

A friend sent me an email about a collection of amusing lines from call center applicants. I presume that this collection is already circulating around through emails. But just the same, enjoy reading!

Here goes.

1. I am a flexible and I am perseverance person (when asked to describe her personality)
2. I want to learn more English words. (When asked why he wanted to work in a call center). [Damn! Read the dictionary!]
3. Do you have any extra ordinary positions that I can take for granted (Roughly Translated: Meron po ba kayong ibang position na pwede
ko’ng apply-an?)
4. “Ten” (When asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
5. “Kelan Po?” (When asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
6. “I want to career my call center” (A civil Engineer applicant on a Phone interview)
7. “What company are you again?” (Translated: Anong company ka connected?)
8. “Am I feet-ed for the position?” (Qualified ba ako?)
9. “I had an experience last year ago to transak”
10. “The sky is blue is the rain drops is near to fall (Answer to the question: Why do you think is the sky blue?)
11. “I would choose IRATE CALLERS, Sir.” (Answer to the question: If you will change the COLOR of the world, what would it be and why?)
12. “Pede makuha yong telephone mo?” (Read: Can I get your phone number?) [Pano pa ako magtatawag nyan?]
13. “I’m enough feet-ed for the job”
14. “My 1 brother and 4 sister is elder than me”
15. “My dad died during the middle of my stay in UST.”
16. “I able to gradweyt in 2003”
17. “I’m only a shifter of the course.”
18. “Leif Garret sing the song BORN IN THE USA.”
19. “I learned that call center is good so I try to get my luck.”
20. “I heard to anybody that call center is a good pay.”
21. “While my college days.” (I think he meant DURING.)
22. “I’m an hanes person.” [Di ba brand ng damet yon?]
23. “I am with competent for this job.”
24. “I am a cheerful personality.”
25. “I’m planning to transfered here in Manila.”
26. “I know all THAT things.”
27. “I want to experience how to contact with them.” (referring to customers)
28. “I live from Pandacan, Manila.”
29. “It’s Challenge.” (An applicants answer to the question: Why do you want to work in a call center?)
30. “I want to use a school supplies.”
31. “I wear a long hair”
32. “Shape it into heart or flower.”
33. “Spouch” (He meant spouse)
34. “Jopanes” (Japanese)
35. “Pud in yur tang.” (Food in your mouth)
36. “Just a walk away.” (answer to the question: How far is FEU from UE)
37. “There’s not much the same!” (Read: There’s not much difference)
38. “I want to expose myself to the customers.” (Answer to why he wants to work in a call center”) – Flasher ITO!
39. “Is there an opening for a call center?” (Oh so you want to become a call center now huh?)
40. “Is the women whom are you looking for me gave to you my number?” (What? It’s a wrong mistake!)
41. “It’s very useable.” (He meant it’s useful)
42. “Bend like a dog.” (Ano raw? Bastos ito!)
43. “Blow an air.” (Ano raw ulit?)
44. “I can’t bret lyk dat.” (Hindi raw sha makahinga.)
45. “Hi. Good afternoon, my name is _____, and I’M a call center from the Philippines.”
46. “Can you call back ‘coz I’m dealing some people here. ” (Answer to the question: Can I conduct a phone interview?”)
47. “Chocolates, boys with tongue pierce.” (Answer to the question: What are your weaknesses?)
48. “I think Grade 3 and 4 students are very childish!” (Answer to the question: What do you think is the most difficult part of teaching Grade 3 and 4 students)

….ang Part 2 sa next post

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