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B’log ang Mundo

January 28th, 2005

I am not much of a writer. I read and talk more than write. The only time I do serious writing is when it is required by my job. I write stuff like reports, project proposals, concept papers, memorandums etc., all technical writings devoid of any literary flair.

Well, I also write grocery lists when I need to go to the market to buy stuff, schedules of meetings in my planner, filling up forms and making requests in a music bar. And oh, also during my juvenile years I used to write on walls, from political OP’s to nasty graffiti even in the ladies comfort rooms. The next thing to writing for me now would be composing SMS messages in weird scripts which sometimes even I fail to understand.

In my family it is my wife who writes, and she writes better than most writers I know. I’m her number one fan and she’s my number one critique and editor. I learn a lot about writing from my wife than what I learned from school. Not only that, she’s also an adept at the magical craft of IT and I’m her apprentice.

My wife is the one who introduced and encouraged me into the blogging world. I asked her “what should one write in a blog?” She said, “write just about anything”. “Language to use?” I added, “any language will do”, she replied. Aha, so I can write just about anything and can use any language I know. I thought why not, this must be fun….puwede pala kahit tagalog, puwede bisan bisaya, kapakay apia M’ranao, français, deutsch, etc….Mas mahalaga kung ano sasabihin kesa sa istilo ng pagsusulat! Sabaga’y ika nga, the only way to learn to write is to write.

B’log nga ang Mundo, and so here’s my blog.

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  1. January 30th, 2005 at 23:46 | #1

    sa totoo lang ano, i think you write better than your wife 😀

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