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Ang aking kaibigang si X

March 17th, 2005 1 comment

Papasok pa lang siya nang Grade III noon nang una kaming magkita. Kinuha siya ng nanay nya mula sa Cebu para sa Manila na manirahan. Dahil bata pa nga siya nun, hindi siya nagkaroon ng problema sa pakikitungo nya sa akin. Pati na rin ako sa kanya. Unang kita pa lang namin kwentuhan kami agad about computer games. Eksperto siya sa mga bagay na to kaya oo na lang ako ng oo kahit di ko alam mga kinikwento nya. Palagi kaming magkasamang tatlo sa pamamasyal. Minsan kapag napapagod na siyang maglakad nagpapakarga siya sa akin. Pero minsan din naasiwa siya sa akin at sa nanay nya na lang siya nagpapakarga.

Mahirap na proseso for adjustment ang dinaanan nya. Bagong lipat sya ng school, ako na bagong partner ng nanay nya at bagong titirhang bahay na magkasama kaming tatlo ng nanay nya. Isang masalimuot na kaayusan para sa kanya ang lahat. Sa iskwela may mga pagkakataong alanganin siyang sumabay sa akin pag-hinahatid o sinusundo ko sya. Pero hindi ko na pinansin ito. Ni hindi ko sya tinanong kung ano pakilala nya sa mga kaeskwela nya kung sino ako. Hindi mahalaga para sa akin ito dahil naiintindihan ko kalagayan nya.

Sa mga pagkakataong nag-uusap kami nang masinsinan pinapaintindi ko sa kanya na hindi sya dapat mag-alala dahil hindi ko balak na agawin ang pagkilala nya sa tatay nya. Sinasabi ko sa kanya na wala akong ibang hinihiling mula sa kanya kundi ang pagiging magkaibigan namin. Dahil sa buhay ng tao hindi ka pwedeng mamili kung sino gusto mong maging magulang o kapatid pero pwede kang mamili ng kaibigan. Yun ang mas mahalaga para sa akin. Ang pagiging magkaibigan namin. Sabi ko sa kanya ni hindi ko hihilingin na tawagin nya akong tatay. Kahit anong anong gusto nyang itawag sa akin okay lang.

Kaya mula nuon naging matalik kaming magkaibigan. At mula nuon ang tawag nya na sa akin ay Q, halaw nya mula sa isang karakter ng paborito nyang Star Trek. Tawag ko rin sa kanya ay X, first letter ng totoong pangalan nya. Nang matapos kaming ikasal ng nanay nya tinanong nya ako kung maari ba daw na palitan ang apelyido nya nang apelyido ko. Tumutol ako. Sabi ko sa kanya, mas gusto kong ipanatili nya ang apelyido ng tatay nya dahil kahit ibahin pa ng ilang beses ang apelyido nya hindi nito mabubura ang katotohanang anak pa rin siya ng tatay nya. Dagdag ko pa, kahit iba pa apelyido nya hindi mag-babago ang pagtrato ko sa kanya bilang kaibigan at bahagi ng pamilya ko.

Time flies like an arrow (at kung si X pa, fruit flies like a banana). Una kaming magkita ni X grade 3 pa lang sya. Ngayon gagradweyt na sya nang Grade 6. Dati si X lang ang bata sa bahay, ngayon mahigit isang taon na baby sister nyang si Maia. Parang kahapon lang kinakarga ko pa siya, ngayon halos singtangkad ko na si X. Nuon naglalaro pa kami ng baril-barilan, ngayon may crush na si X.

Q and XMabait, masunurin at matalinong bata si X. May kakulitan nga lang kung minsan pero ngayon nasasapawan na ang kakulitan nya ng mas makulit pang si Maia. Mahal ni X ang baby sister nyang si Maia. Siya ang kalaro at bantay nito. Wala na akong ibang hihilingin pa kay X kundi ang maging matagumpay siya sa buhay, ang pag-ibayong pagmamahal sa nanay at sa mga kapatid nya at ang aming walang kamatayang pagkakaibigan.

Isang mainit na pagpupugay X sa iyong pagtatapos.

We’re proud of you.

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Another “Wrath of God” crap!

March 16th, 2005 1 comment

After Bishop Christian Noel’s, heres another “Wrath of God” crap… Muslim religious leaders averred that the killing of the Abu Sayyaf inmates by the PNP is justified because it was the wrath of Allah!

Shit just keeps on coming. Another archaic view coming from one of the varieties of God’s fans club…tsk, God must be having a real tough job expressing his wrath every now and then by eliminating his very cherished creation all over the world.

After reading all these rubbish…theres an urge for me to listen to my favorite John Lennon song “Imagine” just to calm me down and assure myself that another world is possible…


Imagine there’s no heaven,
It’s easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace…

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you’ll join us,
And the world will live as one.

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Bloody Tuesday

March 16th, 2005 1 comment

The seige in Camp Bagong Diwa, Bicutan started as what was alleged to be an attempted jailbreak by some members of the Abu Sayyaf Group that went awry. Leaders of the failed jailbreak instead decided to hold out by taking seige of the area where Abu Sayyaf inmates were confined.

Yesterday the Camp Bagong Diwa prison uprising came to a bloody end. After an impasse in the negotiations, the PNP with the approval of Malacanang decided to assault the area where the Abu Sayyaf were taking hold. After the smoke cleared 23 people were dead; 1 police officer and 22 inmates. All in all the total casualty has reached 26, including the three prison guards killed at the start of the seige.

The Government hailed the PNP assault a success. DILG Secretary Angelo Reyes is quick to say “I hope this delivers a strong message that anybody who tries to do something like this in the future will be dealt with in the same fashion.” Even some media covering the seige drama joined the triumphant chorus.

I don’t sympathize with the Abu Sayyaf Group. It is a criminal terrorist gang deserving condemnation. But while it is correct to resolve the ASG prison uprising, I have doubts about the correctness of how the crisis was resolved. Is the use of excessive force justified?

What made the government decide for the assault is already beyond my knowledge. But my inkling is to consider other possibilities that might have led to the peaceful resolution of the crisis or at least minimize casualty. The rebels are stuck inside the prison building armed with only a few handguns and with no water and food supply. They are surrounded and have nowhere to go. The longer the rebels bide time the more it is disadvantageous for them. In this situation subduing them with minimal force might be plausible.

And what about the other inmates? A lot of them might not be supporters of the rebel’s cause after all. They were just in the wrong place at a wrong time. Besides the identified ringleaders, Kosovo, Global and Commander Robot, the rest of those who persihed with them were just suspected ASG members or supporters still waiting for their day in court.

For many the important thing is that the crisis was put in conclusion. And the lamest excuse for the carnage would be that those inmates deserved it because they’re all criminals anyway. Due process and giving every criminal or a suspect his day in court is one way of defining justice. Shortcutting this process and sending a criminal or a suspect straight to his creator is one way of defining summary execution.

Lastly, until now I still have doubts about why and how the Abu Sayyaf Group existed. Amidst all the theories and mystery about the Abu Sayyaf, there’s one thing that is certain. The existence of the ASG is one reason why the United States made the Philippines one of its favored allies in its crusade against global terrorism.

The Order of DeMolay

March 14th, 2005 5 comments

Traditionally for members of the International Order of DeMolay, March 11-18 is observed as DeMolay week. This week DeMolays all over the world will commemorate the 691st Death Anniversary of the last Grand Master of the Knights Templars and the 86th Founding Anniversary of the Order of DeMolay.

This week marks the 691st death anniversary of the hero and martyr whose name we have taken into our lips.

On March 18, 1314, Jacques De Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templars was burned at a stake along with his brother Knight, the Templar Preceptor of Normandy, Guy of Auvergne. Their death was ordered by King Philip IV (the Fair) of France and Pope Clement culminating seven years of persecution and torture of the Knights Templars. They succeeded in destroying one of the most powerful and respected Knightly Orders in history. But the ideals and precepts of the Knights Templar lives on.

Six centuries later, the precept and example of Jacques DeMolay was resurrected. On March 18, 1919, Frank Sherman Land, a Master Mason together with nine young men organized a fraternity based on the ideals of the martyred Grand Master and formally naming it as the Order of DeMolay. Since then, from Kansas City, Missouri, the Order of DeMolay continued its growth initiating new members and instituting new chapters in all states of the continential USA. DeMolay then crossed the oceans and the organization was developed in many countries around the globe. Thousands upon thousands of young men have become members of the Order of DeMolay. Hundreds of members of the Order became prominent figures in their fields and profession, the likes of Walt Disney, John Wayne, John Steinbeck, President Bill Clinton,…etc.

The Order of DeMolay reached the Philippine shores in 1946. The first DeMolay Chapter in Asia, the Jose Abad Santos Chapter was founded in Manila on March 23, 1946. Today the Order of DeMolay in the Philippines has established 70 Chapters all over the country. The Order of DeMolay prides itself to be the most dynamic youth organization of the Masonic Family.

Jacques De Molay lives on. From his funeral pyre, his spirit rose like Phoenix to the hearts of hundreds of thousands of men all over the world who has taken into their lips his sacred name and living up to the Templar tradition of comradeship and fidelity.

I am a member of the Order of DeMolay for 24 years now. And like all my brethren, I will always keep sacred and apart the comradeship and my obligation that binds me to my fraternity.

To my brethren in the Order of DeMolay, I give you my step of greetings, sign of welcome and token of brotherhood. Happy 86th Anniversary!

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March 13th, 2005 6 comments

I couldn’t help but feel aghast at the statement issued by a certain Bishop Christian Noel, a bishop of the Catholic church in Bohol, about the food poisoning tragedy that killed more than 25 children. Without deference to the grieving families, the Bishop has linked the Government’s policy on population and information campaign on reproductive health to the death of the innocent children by equating the tragedy as God’s message. A punishment of God to us for allowing such policy in Government. The bishop believes the tragedy is a sign from God telling Catholics that if they go against the framework of the moral law and His commandments,” then something will happen to us.” (manilastandardonline)

Such a cruel God that Bishop has! A God that kills innocent children just to drive a point. The Catholic church must be thinking that her bishop is correct which is why it is keeping mum on his callous statement. The Catholic Church is promoting the natural method of population control. Perhaps the good Bishop was thinking that the death of more than 25 children in Bohol is one of those natural methods.

The Philippines has earned the moniker “the sick man of Asia”. Such a caricature is fitting not only to describe our moribund economy but moreso because the Philippines is full of sick minds–a sickness that is institutionalized not by the Mandaluyong Center for Mental Health but by the established estates of our society. I can just imagine the legion of the faithful agreeing 100% with the Bishop’s twisted analogy. The same agreement the faithful, especially the COMELEC did in believing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s pronouncement that she asked God’s opinion to run again as President. They agreed with her and they made sure she won. The same agreement we gave to Cardinal Sin when twice he called the faithful to EDSA, only to preserve a corrupt and decadent government.

We get sicker everyday because of the daily doses of hypocrisy we get from both the Government and the Church. The Government maintains the moraturium on death penalty not because it is against sending criminals to kingdom come (Government would love to exterminate all criminals, both real and imagined) but because the Government just wants to please the Church. The Government pushes with its population control policy while the Church resists it. The Church declares it’s approval to get financial support from gambling lords while the Government steps up its drive against illegal gambling. The Government in order to remain in power wants to use the Church because of its following. The Church in order to maintain its relevance wants to use the Government because of its power. Strange bedfellows indeed but good tango partners.

Bishop Christian Noel’s “wrath of God” analysis might stand correct not only to the institutional Catholic Church but also to the hundred and one religious groups in the Philippines. I would agree with them 100% if only that same “wrath of God” falls upon the Congress and Senate, Malacanang, all corrupt officials, illegal loggers, drug lords, gambling lords, and themselves. Only then shall I believe.

I have nothing against God. It’s His fans clubs, in all its varieties, that I detest most.

Saturday, March 11, 1967

March 11th, 2005 2 comments

Some events that happened on earth on Saturday, March 11, 1967….

– Pink Floyd released their 1st song (Arnold Layne)

– Beatles song publisher Dick James announced that 446 versions of the Beatles’ Yesterday have been recorded. It is still the most ‘covered’ song of all time, with an estimated 2000 + recordings.

– The Beatles won three Grammy awards for: The Revolver album, won for best sleeve design, Eleanor Rigby, won best contemporary vocal solo performance and Michelle won for Song Of The Year (the award for songwriters).

Week ending March 11, 1967

1 RUBY TUESDAY – Rolling Stones-London
3 PENNY LANE – Beatles-Capitol
4 SOCK IT TO ME–BABY! – Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels-New Voice
5 THEN YOU CAN TELL ME GOODBYE – Casinos-Fraternity 977
6 BABY I NEED YOUR LOVIN’ – Johnny Rivers-Imperial
7 KIND OF A DRAG – Buckinghams-U.S.A.
8 THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH – Herman’s Hermits-MGM
9 HAPPY TOGETHER – Turtles-White Whale
10 EPISTLE TO DIPPY – Donovan-Epic

– The California condor (Gymnogyps californicus) was listed as endangered.

– The bald eagle was first listed as threatened.

– The Battle of Phu Ninh, Bong Son Province, Vietnam: 520 NVA soldiers died; 49 troopers of the U.S. Army Cavalry Division killed in action.

– Geraldine Farrar, American soprano/actress (Such Sweet Compulsion), dies at 85

– Andrew Zesers, cricketer, played for Australia in 1987 World Cup

– The World Cup skiing title was earned by Jean-Claude Killy of France

– Another UFO sighting. A group of teenagers took a picture of a strange object that glowed “reddish-white” in the sky of Torrance, California.

– Mrs. Marina M. Gaerlan gave birth to a healthy baby boy at St. Anthony’s Maternity Clinic, Iligan City

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Call Center Applicants Bloopers Part 1

March 10th, 2005 Comments off

A friend sent me an email about a collection of amusing lines from call center applicants. I presume that this collection is already circulating around through emails. But just the same, enjoy reading!

Here goes.

1. I am a flexible and I am perseverance person (when asked to describe her personality)
2. I want to learn more English words. (When asked why he wanted to work in a call center). [Damn! Read the dictionary!]
3. Do you have any extra ordinary positions that I can take for granted (Roughly Translated: Meron po ba kayong ibang position na pwede
ko’ng apply-an?)
4. “Ten” (When asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
5. “Kelan Po?” (When asked to count from 1 to 40 to measure her articulation)
6. “I want to career my call center” (A civil Engineer applicant on a Phone interview)
7. “What company are you again?” (Translated: Anong company ka connected?)
8. “Am I feet-ed for the position?” (Qualified ba ako?)
9. “I had an experience last year ago to transak”
10. “The sky is blue is the rain drops is near to fall (Answer to the question: Why do you think is the sky blue?)
11. “I would choose IRATE CALLERS, Sir.” (Answer to the question: If you will change the COLOR of the world, what would it be and why?)
12. “Pede makuha yong telephone mo?” (Read: Can I get your phone number?) [Pano pa ako magtatawag nyan?]
13. “I’m enough feet-ed for the job”
14. “My 1 brother and 4 sister is elder than me”
15. “My dad died during the middle of my stay in UST.”
16. “I able to gradweyt in 2003”
17. “I’m only a shifter of the course.”
18. “Leif Garret sing the song BORN IN THE USA.”
19. “I learned that call center is good so I try to get my luck.”
20. “I heard to anybody that call center is a good pay.”
21. “While my college days.” (I think he meant DURING.)
22. “I’m an hanes person.” [Di ba brand ng damet yon?]
23. “I am with competent for this job.”
24. “I am a cheerful personality.”
25. “I’m planning to transfered here in Manila.”
26. “I know all THAT things.”
27. “I want to experience how to contact with them.” (referring to customers)
28. “I live from Pandacan, Manila.”
29. “It’s Challenge.” (An applicants answer to the question: Why do you want to work in a call center?)
30. “I want to use a school supplies.”
31. “I wear a long hair”
32. “Shape it into heart or flower.”
33. “Spouch” (He meant spouse)
34. “Jopanes” (Japanese)
35. “Pud in yur tang.” (Food in your mouth)
36. “Just a walk away.” (answer to the question: How far is FEU from UE)
37. “There’s not much the same!” (Read: There’s not much difference)
38. “I want to expose myself to the customers.” (Answer to why he wants to work in a call center”) – Flasher ITO!
39. “Is there an opening for a call center?” (Oh so you want to become a call center now huh?)
40. “Is the women whom are you looking for me gave to you my number?” (What? It’s a wrong mistake!)
41. “It’s very useable.” (He meant it’s useful)
42. “Bend like a dog.” (Ano raw? Bastos ito!)
43. “Blow an air.” (Ano raw ulit?)
44. “I can’t bret lyk dat.” (Hindi raw sha makahinga.)
45. “Hi. Good afternoon, my name is _____, and I’M a call center from the Philippines.”
46. “Can you call back ‘coz I’m dealing some people here. ” (Answer to the question: Can I conduct a phone interview?”)
47. “Chocolates, boys with tongue pierce.” (Answer to the question: What are your weaknesses?)
48. “I think Grade 3 and 4 students are very childish!” (Answer to the question: What do you think is the most difficult part of teaching Grade 3 and 4 students)

….ang Part 2 sa next post

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