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Finding Samuel Bilibit

January 29th, 2005 3 comments

What is going to be my blog name? This is the first question that came to my mind when I decided to go blogging the world. For a trying-hard pretending-to-be-a-writer like me it was almost a painful exercise of imagination… a nicotine and caffeine overloaded trip.

But before the question what, is the question how to name my blog. How should one name a blog? My idea is that bloggers usually baptize their blog with names that would mirror an impression of their real or assumed persona. Others prefer to name their blog after a favorite song, movie or phrase while some name their blogs at random, after what comes first to their mind. The most common are diaries, notes, journal or simply a my-name blog. Blog names range from serious and formal, cryptic, subliminal, mystic, gothic, indigenous, vulgar to humorous.

I started by combining all. In an attempt to arrive at a nice blog name I made a long list of names. A usual exercise one does in naming babies, a business enterprise or a pet. I came up with a short list of the following mixed bag of names:

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B’log ang Mundo

January 28th, 2005 1 comment

I am not much of a writer. I read and talk more than write. The only time I do serious writing is when it is required by my job. I write stuff like reports, project proposals, concept papers, memorandums etc., all technical writings devoid of any literary flair.

Well, I also write grocery lists when I need to go to the market to buy stuff, schedules of meetings in my planner, filling up forms and making requests in a music bar. And oh, also during my juvenile years I used to write on walls, from political OP’s to nasty graffiti even in the ladies comfort rooms. The next thing to writing for me now would be composing SMS messages in weird scripts which sometimes even I fail to understand.
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I think therefore I am Sam

January 1st, 2005 Comments off

Samuel Bilibit is the other self of Criocksz G. – a Mindanawan by birth. A product of marriage between the north and south, having an Ilocano father and a mother who is a native of Lanao del Sur; Ordinaryong mortal – a lowly NGO worker, graduate ng Unibersidad sa boondocks ng Lanao – Mindanao State University, tinubuan na ng puting buhok sa kilusang mapagpalaya, naging construction worker, bisayang dako, internationalist, true blue futbolero, muzikero, literati pretender, lotto tayador, public transport commuter, mami-goto-isaw-instant noodles-sardinas eater, naging usher ng masiao (jai alai), tabloid reader, mahal ang kalikasan, dating tambay ng gulod sa UP diliman, ex-habitue ng 70’s bistro at sa mga surot infested watering holes ng quiapo’t recto, galit sa mga mapagkunwari, nagmamarunong at nakikiuso, nahihilo sa ingles at lohika ng mga nagkukunwaring konyo’t mga pseudo-yuppies, mortal na kalaban ng imperyalismo, muntik ng maging seminarista,napasali saglit sa Hare Krishna,advocate ng Bangsamoro struggle, Aikido admirer, kasapi ng Order of DeMolay, Japanese art and architecture buff, yosi at kape addict, allergic sa mga TraPo, nasusuka sa showbiz, advocate ng children’s rights and women’s movement, partner sa buhay ni Bambit, mabuting amain at kaibigang matalik ni X at ulirang ama ni Himaya Amarantha.

What about Samuel Bilibit?

According to an ancient myth, Samuel Bilibit was cursed to walk the face of earth till the end of time. Ewan ko lang kung anong naging mabigat na kasalanan ni Samuel at pinatawan siya ng ganito ka lupit na parusa. His myth runs deep into the psyche of the Visayan speaking people. A person who is a wanderlust earns the monicker of being like Samuel Bilibit. I remember when I was still a kid, my mom will scold me by saying, “mura man sab kag si Samuel Bilibit”, whenever I come home late from roaming around our village with friends.

Ever since I was a child I just couldn’t stop wandering. By high school, I had already gone to five provinces in Mindanao. By the time I entered my third job, I had already travelled half of the world. I just love going to other places. I got more of my education about life in wandering than what I learned from school. My wandering gave me the chance to meet a variety of people and learn a lot of different societies, cultures, practices, personalities, languages, life situatons and struggles. My world outlook has been molded by my wanderings- it is without borders.

The ancient myth would say that Samuel Bilibit still walks with us until now. He’s there sitting by our side in a bus, jeepney, mrt, walks with us in the park, in the market, everywhere. Samuel Bilibit is the subliminal symbolism of man’s never ending journey to life and humanity’s perpetual pilgrimage on earth.

My mom was quite right.Like everyone of us – I am Samuel Bilibit…and “some will believe it”.

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